Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Do absent dads make for sexpot daughters? Study says yes

No fathers here
No fathers here

Do absent fathers create slutty daughters? That’s what a study from Fort Worth‘s Texas Christian University suggests, though the findings are taking heat from Web sources not sold on the testing of 64 straight female undergrads as irrefutable proof. Researchers asked students to engage in writing exercises recalling when Daddy was absent or present for important life events. Apparently, women whose fathers were absent responded to further word stem tests in “a more sexualized way.” Lead researcher Danielle DelPriore said, “There is an abundance of research that shows when a father is absent that their daughters have accelerated sexual development, promiscuity and sexual risk taking.” No comment from her father.

Getting Down to Business


There are no such thing as slutty daughters or women. Slutty is such a ridiculous word. I see like this: there are women who are easier to convince than others. This doesn’t make them good or bad just angels in disguise, doing God’s work.

The real issue here is that there is an attempt at scientific study being done by a Christian University. As someone who was baptised Christian and had receive a bunch of things called sacraments – they are like holy Christmas fruitcakes – you don’t know what to do with it so you just pass it on to the next generation. As these the same Catholic who suffer the children as the marquise de Sade would do to his lovers, partners in perversions?

Illustration from Works by the Marquis De Sade

“Oh, there are plenty of people,” the Duc used to observe, “who never misbehave save when passion spurs them to ill; later, the fire gone out of them, their now calm spirit peacefully returns to the path of virtue and, thus passing their life going from strife to error and from error to remorse, they end their days in such a way there is no telling just what roles they have enacted on earth. Such persons,” he would continue, “must surely be miserable: forever drifting, continually undecided, their entire life is spent detesting in the morning what they did the evening before. Certain to repent of the pleasures they taste, they take their delight in quaking, in such sort they become at once virtuous in crime and criminal in virtue.”

Le Marquis de Sade- 120 days of Sodom

Based on prior experiences I would say what a Catholic. rebellious enough to read something other than the Bible or the Catechism, would call slutty is actually someone with the average sexual appetite of the cabbage on the second shelf of your refrigerator



  1. I’ll have to read the article/paper myself, but I’m always a little leery of studies performed by a distinctly religious institution. Many (though probably not all) can be dishonest or intentionally vague in their methods and the resulting findings. There are some cases I’ve read of where the results are so different than what was expected that their “scientists” claim that it’s a “test from God”.

    Kinda like how Creationists point out that carbon dating is “highly inaccurate” according to their tests. Well, duh! If you use Carbon-14 to test for the age of something you know is over 5,000 years old…it’s going to be wrong!

    I also dislike the term “slutty” being thrown at women who simply enjoy being sexual. I’m not saying go have unprotected sex with a different partner every night, but enjoy what your body has to offer and do the same for whoever you’re sharing your bed with. The problem with only calling sexual women “slutty” but not doing the same to men creates a stupid double standard, as evidenced by the “Lock vs Key Argument”. (Which is also too many types of ridiculous).


    • The term slutty carries no weight. I think its really a prop for telling jokes. Whatever a person chooses to do so be it. That is their own business. Different people have different appetites, so be it. If someone can take an hour on the tower of power or likes the whole gang-bang thing God Bless em. I never trust research on sex coming from religious institution, same way I dont trust an Arab restaurant that makes 0.99 pizza


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