Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Women don’t belong in video games ?

Anita Sarkeesian, blogger and host of the web series Feminist Frequency, tweeted her disappointment yesterday that the Xbox One E3 press conference had revealed “exactly zero games featuring a female protagonist for the next generation.” This enraged the trolls of the gaming community, and they quickly gave Sarkeesian handy advice such as, “shut the f* up”, “women don’t belong in video games,” and a reminder to “check your f*cking privilege.” Sarkessian has collected the “top” 50 responses she received to her Tweet in a blog post, giving us a “window into what it’s like to be a female video game critic on twitter.” [Source]

Shit Hits the Fan










This is the time of the year were gamers are lost of the throngs of video game foreplay all because of E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) For those of you who don’t know about E3 it is a industry only venues used by video gamer and console makers to show off their upcoming wears. Many of my friends have already sent me the word on where we will drunkenly gather to play these games. I of course am in charge of the alcohol. As with most merriment there are always some idiots who mess it up.

Let me break it down for you

I went to an engineering school that was known for its computer science dept. which means that many students used to cut class to play Quake Doom, and CounterStrike in the computer lab while I desperately tried to master using libraries in C++ for 15 -20 mins a day having no computer at home. Some would even bring in their XBOX  find ways to use the classroom projectors to play Halo.

They reminded me in a way of those deep sea creatures who don’t realize how grotesque looking spending lifetimes in the dark recesses of the sea with only flashing and glowing lights as company has made them. These were the kind of guys who find nothing odd or suspicious about cranking a few out to cartoon women who may or may not be 100% human  and who wipe their tears from their eyes as they cry themselves to sleep with the corners of the tissues from their self-indulged, friction induced trysts. They were deathly afraid of women unless she was interested in hearing about why debian based version of Linux were much better, or she was knowledgeable about configuring kernels.  After their first major heart-break they made the best workout buddies. These are good guys, yes they play Pokemon and Magic The gathering (this is actually not a highlander based game) but they are good guys who would still like nothing more than play video games with girls.

When ignorant misogynist dudes  say such dumb shit like:






it pisses me off because first it’s rude ignorant and inappropriate.  Secondly they have just made it that much harder for my nerd friends to score a gaming chick of their dreams who is a physical carbon copy of Jade Raymond at Ubisoft Toronto but can cook a hearty beef stroganoff. Btw I quote from Anita: Recent stats from the ESA show that 45% of gamers are actually women.


There are two rules of business I learned when I launched my business about 9 years ago. The first I cannot tell you because it is amazingly, graphically inappropriate, but the second rule is for anything to be successful you have to have women behind it.

If a bar attracts female clientèle consistently it will do well. If a commercial gym attracts a steady stream of females who feel comfortable and empowered it will do well.  If a bookstore is kid friendly and caters to moms who are out with their kids it will do well! If a drug cartel has a woman at it head it will make more money and do better on all fronts. Because of women, Edward Bernays the father of public relations and propaganda, was able to change the taboo of smoking

That it



Btw Read this great post demystifying a lot of taboo about gamers

The Games We Play (Part 1)

The Games We Play (Part 2)



*No nerds were harmed or had their feelings hurt in the writing of this post. They know MrMary shows his love and affection for people close to him by poking fun at them. They also know I am down to be any man’s  wingman any place any time, any bar unless he is interested in my younger sister then I may have to rearrange hsi face.

** One of the most famous campaigns of Bernays was the women’s cigarette smoking campaign in 1920s. Bernays helped the smoking industry overcome one of the biggest social taboos of the time: women smoking in public. Women were only allowed to smoke in designated areas, or not at all. If caught violating this rule, women would have been arrested. Bernays staged the 1929 Easter parade in New York City, showing models holding lit Lucky Strike cigarettes, or “Torches of Freedom”. After the historical public event, women started lighting up more than ever before. It was through Bernays that women’s smoking habits started to become socially acceptable. Bernays created this event as news, which, of course, it wasn’t. Bernays convinced industries that the news, not advertising, was the best medium to carry their message to an unsuspecting public.

*** Take a look at this list of the most notorious female drug kingpins here .

Mexico’s most prolific female assassin has confessed to murdering 20 people. Maria Jimenez, aka La Tosca, was arrested last week in the northern city of Monterrey for her deadly role in the feared Los Zetas drug cartel. The 26-year-old widow, who has reportedly confessed to the killings and several other crimes, was paid $1,700 per month. I wrote a satirical piece on female drug dealers back in the day, check it out



  1. I hate it when people tweet first, think later. Some of these are serious comments…others I think are posturing. The gaming community is a fickle beast. Either you can keep up (both playwise AND with the insults/joshing) or you can find a way to play a game with only your friends on the server. Or, if you don’t have teh interwebs, just use 1 player games/invite friends over.

    Interesting point: There is a website,, that allows female gamers to post screenshots of PMs or even recordings of messages they’ve gotten by simply being online. Some of the examples are really atrocious, but others are things that guys say to one another all the time while gaming. I agree that the language IS coarse/vulgar, but you have to take them with a grain of salt. While there is blatant misogyny and sexism recorded there…a bunch of it is just guys being guys.

    Anita didn’t deserve the type of comments she got. However, she should remember that if you’re looking for a female protagonist…E3 is probably the WORST place to find one. Despite the amount of female gamers, attendance @ E3 is still about 90% male (possibly higher). If you are trying to appeal to the majority of your customer base, your game demos will only show male protagonists. People are more likely to get interested in a product if they can see themselves using it. Most guys can’t see themselves playing as a woman, and thus any demo being run ONLY with a female avatar would loose business.

    I feel that what Anita *should* have done is talk to the creators/publishers there and made a list of all the games that allow the hero to select their sex and/or skin color. My two favorite games right now, Kingdoms of Amalur and DragonAge: Origins both allow you to select your race, skin color, sex, and background. It’s a nice feature…though even I fall prey to wanting to play what I identify as…so my characters are male 98% of the time.


    • Some comments are definitely mysogynistics, or comments are just regular douchebag humor. Some of the comments Anita got were a bit over the top beyond the common douchebaggery I am used to seeing. I do believe that picking ur battles or how to approach is kind of crucial. Like you assert I think E3 was a terrible place and there perhaps could have been a maybe more diplomatic way. But Iw as kinda surprised at the comments, I have seen the sitefatuglyorslutty. Kinda crazy. The video gaming culture like you said is a special kinda beast


    • Thank you for beign awesome, now I have a place to send my props to, or well I have someone to give my props to…hmmm Im backed up in the props department, but not like that how it sounds… I think you get me right ? hopefully ? Here is a pre-emptive “Ur jsut awesome!!” for your understanding


  2. That’s some crazy shit man. The reaction to her comment is ridiculous, although I also wonder why she said that. I mean, lets be fair here: most game developers are the geeks you speak of, were bullied in school and coped with that by reading about heroes in comic books or playing heroes in games. They get most of their inspiration from there. I call it artistic freedom, and although she is allowed to be disappointed, I wouldn’t call it misogynistic. Everybody creates upon their inspiration and so do the game developers.

    It’s just my opinion, but I don’t see it as misogyny.


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