Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Marijuana use in The US, Police Brutality, and Jail time


A new report from the ACLU shows that while black and white people use marijuana at roughly the same rates, black Americans are arrested for marijuana possession far more often than whites.

This was amazing to me, more amazing than the fact that Black Americans are given longer sentences than White Americans for same crimes *.

The Solution

When I was a boy I had the pleasure of talking to an old black man.  Old black men are the best. He looked like Wole Soyinka, but his hair was short and he had a fedora.He gave me some great advise, which now that I think about it paints a fucked up picture of his experiences here:

  1. This is not our country, this is their country. They aren’t going to prepare you to compete against their own children
  2. Don’t be out in the street past dark unless it’s for work and always have you’re ID state work and any others you can
  3. Never Hang out on the street. Always in someone’s house always let your family and friends know where you are, when you’re leaving the place. save your receipts when you buy stuff they have the time on them
  4. Never be alone in a room with a white woman as nice as she is , if she accuses you of anything, it will be your word against hers and your word means nothing.
  5. Don’t waste your time believing in justice or the legal system
  6. Work, work a lot they wont respect you as a person but they respect the money you have

This may not be the happy pep talk you were given as a youth but this was  mine give to me from someone who used to live in Georgia before and after the civil right movement. But I grew up in the 80’s in NYC we had race riots, and Nintendo, OJ got away with killing that white girl, Kobe didn’t get lynched for sleeping with that White girl, Wesley Snipe beat up on Halle Berry and now  he only dates Asians, the police didn’t stick dogs on us only stuck us  with plungers instead so we have some progress.

Side Note: Spoke too Soon

Texas Cops Fired After Video Captures Them Beating Black Woman

Two officers from the Jasper Police Department in Texas have been fired after video captured them brutally handling a woman brought in to pay a $100 fine. The incident took place May 5, when Keyarika “Shea” Diggles, 25, was brought to jail to pay the fine. Diggles, according to her lawyer, was on the phone speaking with her mother to arrange the payment when Officer Ricky Grissom ended the call. It appears that Grissom and Diggles began arguing after he discontinued the call. Officer Ryan Cunningham walked in behind Diggles and attemped to handcuff her. She showed no sign of resistance but Cunningham violently grabbed Diggles by the hair and slammed her head into a counter. The officers then slammed Diggles to the ground. One of the officers tried to drag her to the jail cell but ended up pulling off her shoe. Both officers eventually pull her into the cell. Diggles was charged with resisting arrest; the charge was dropped Monday.

MrMary Updates Mr Freeman Rules

As you all know MrMary’s is colour blind meaning I see all people as equally cool and absurd. I think skin colour is such a stupid way to divide people. However I am realistic, so I have updated Mr Freeman’s Rules.  These are the rules I conduct myself by. I have been never arrested or experience police brutality:

  1. I don’t smoke marijuana
  2. I work anywhere from 2 – 3 jobs
  3. I pay tickets & summons ASAP ONLINE
  4. I don’t hang out on the street, always inside a place
  5. I have a book to read with me, and wear my glasses never contacts, I look less threatening
  6. Don’t wear a hoodie or anything on my head
  7. I avoid neighbourhoods that have to much of any one group of people

Patrice O’Neal also gives some interesting points to consider:

***** According to M. Marit Rehavi of the University of British Columbia and Sonja B. Starr, who teaches criminal law at the University of Michigan Law School, the racial disparities can be explained “in a single prosecutorial decision: whether to file a charge carrying a mandatory minimum sentence…. Black men were on average more than twice as likely to face a mandatory minimum charge as white men were, holding arrest offence as well as age and location constant.” Prosecutors are about twice as likely to impose mandatory minimums on black defendants as on white defendants. In federal cases, black defendants faced average sentences of 60 months, while the average for white defendants was only 38 months.

5 thoughts on “Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Marijuana use in The US, Police Brutality, and Jail time

  1. Uhm, is it me, or is it weird that the FBI keeps ethnicity in mind with the creation of these charts. Wouldn’t TOTAL’s be just as helpful? How is it helpful to know which race uses more drugs? All it does in my opinion is stimulate prejudice.


    1. Hey Daan,

      Thanks for your comment. I think this graph in specific was compiled by the ACLU American Civil Liberties Union. It seems that no one believe anything until serious dollars are spent to do studies that say the obvious. I think with thsi data out the can start the legal process to either work on laws that will trying to remove what every racial bias there is out of the public institutions involved. its kind of crazy when you think about it


  2. Also, I think it’s very sad that you need to adjust yourself so much in order to feel safe in your own country. Move to the Netherlands, man. We’re far from perfect, but at least you can wear a hoodie and contacts without being arrested. Haha.


    1. I thought of living elsewhere but it’s a weird paradox given the history to stay here, and at times I thought about bouncing out but I kind of feel and it might be quixotic that if everyone left we would never have an opportunity to shopw by our actions and contribution to society that we are people to with every right to live and propser as much as the next person. I think so much blood has been shed and lives lost that it would feel wrong to leave. I want to make a contribution I want to participate in a significant way in part not everyone can leave and I feel that we have been cut from our roots to long that there isnt a place that could be home. I have no idea if that makes sense ?


      1. Dude, I respect your point. But let’s be fair here.

        Your country is 100 years behind on the rest of the world, when it comes to acceptance, open-mindedness, racism, religion and even sex positivity.

        Seriously, it’s sad really. That one of the biggest (cause I’m not buying the self-proclaimed “greatest”) countries in the world is such a fucking shithole, although it pretends to be a fucking utopia.


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