Education: Castrating Mo’fos for a while now! featuring also an Inappropriate conversation

This conversation is a real conversation between my friend and I. My friend and I are old friends, old jokers and clowns. No insult was intended to anyone. While prurient and strong language is used please be aware that this was carefully selected not for shock value but to illustrate something important that I go on to discuss later. Caution is advised


Education: Castrating Mo’fos for a while now

Chuck: Sup Dave
Hey Man what’s happening
Chuck: Nothing much,
I’m kinda tire, ya had the day off?
Chuck: Central Park man just came back from around the tennis court
I love women who play tennis a lot
Chuck: What is a lot,
well enough tennis so that they can do that thing, ya know?
Chuck: Nah, I can’t read ya mind D-Bo
Most female tennis do they cool thing, they can hold like a three balls in their hand easy …
Chuck: Seriously … ? … are ya fucking serious right now
I wouldnt mind coming home, and being held… cuddling at its best
Chuck: [chuckling] That ain’t cuddling man
Sure it is, I am going to help feminist everywhere liberate themselves from the old definitions
of cuddling, I feel that a feminist will understand that I want to my feelings to be factored in to the cuddling.
Chuck: Yer full of shit
I dont want to be an object just because I’m muscular and give off a lot of body heat

[My Co worker passes by]  What ‘s going on [Co-worker’s first name] …Yeah ?!?! ..ok cool Cya next week Good luck with your experiment

Chuck: Who Dat fuck was that
My Co-worker
Chuck: He must be European
Why do you say that
Chuck: His pants are so fucking tight, if he aint euro maybe he’s a 70’s Burt Reynolds fanplus my sister has sandals like that…. what up with all you academic types man ?
Just because I work amongst them in the mist doesn’t mean I am one of em Jane Goodall
Chuck: Ya know what I mean though right … Right? .. Jane Goodall?
Yeah Man, that lady who studied gorillas ….
Chuck: That dude looks off man, if he’s married , his lady wears the dildo in that relationship, and he tucks his shit back, and prolly sits to pee
Sitting to pee isn’t bad, sometimes after heavy drinking or leg day at the gym …
Chuck: You know what I mean,  … fucking meat head
Seriously don’t hate because I’m making all kinds a fucking gains
Chuck: Betcha the last time this guy’s face was deep getting cut up and shit,
in some p@$$y, was the day he was born

Ok Getting Right into it

I believe it was Dave Chappelle who made the apt analogy that college/universities are the modern day equivalent of the slave ship. Instead of educating you and providing you the means to take your own evolution in your own hands, you are moulded into a worker, a mindless drone. You’re not so mindless, but your smart enough to do what is needed, without every questioning what’s going on. I have worked exclusively in academia since 1999 -2000, and I have never gone for drinks with my co-workers, because I find them sorta bland. They talk about work at work they are over-analytical. They are push-overs, like all the intellectuality has made them effete. When I look at myself and my friend I feel we are like Nebuchadnezzar and the Bad Boys of Babylon or the four horsemen of death. Where is the vigor? the vitality? the  touch of wildness ?

The seem neutered. Have you ever seen a neutered male lion ? It’s not aggressive, it loses it’s mane. It gains a lot of weight

Side Note

blt_2_mediumIn a small pen, Baloo (an American black bear), Leo (the lion) and Shere Kahn (a Bengal tiger) cuddle, play ball, chase each other around, eat cookies daily and seem to have forged a friendship for life. The three predators were rescued as cubs 12 years ago from drug dealers who’d abused and neglected them. But when trainers tried to separate the animals, they acted out. For years, trainers said they worried and waited for fights but had witnessed nothing but peace among the three. Hedgecoth said she didn’t know how the trio had managed to get along together so well and for so long. “I think that the ordeal they went through as youngsters really bonded them together,” she told ABC News. “That’s all that they had. They only had each other for comfort.”

[By this is not friendship. If you cut off my nuts and the nuts of 2 other guys and kept us in an enclosure and we got along and became the best of friends it wouldn’t be a normal friendship, it would be a farce.]

Don’t get me wrong they are amazingly intelligent and smart people,but they almost seem devoid of some essential human characteristic. I have noticed this two in all accountants I met when I needed one for my business back in the day. But that’s neither here nor there. But I definitely feel education castrates/neutered/ detaches us from our body consciousness and prevents us from being grounded.

Did you know that to be a Spartan Warrior you had to be proficient in poetry in argumentation. I think In ancient times this over development of the intellectual facility wasn’t seen as the thing to do.

300-fightThe Spartan public education system, the agoge, trained the mind as well as the body. Spartans were not only literate, but admired for their intellectual culture and poetry. Socrates said the “most ancient and fertile homes of philosophy among the Greeks are Crete and Sparta, where are found more sophists than anywhere on earth.”Public education was provided for girls as well as boys, and consequently literacy rate was higher in Sparta than in other Greek city-states. In education, sports was given the most emphasis in teaching.  Self-discipline, not kadavergehorsam (mindless obedience) was the goal of Spartan education. Sparta placed the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity at the center of their ethical system.

Just my thoughts that our education system overdeveloped our intellectual faculties to the point of exacerbating our of our time most prominent imbalance that of course has serious ramifications for our mental, physical, psychological, and emotional health. This was very different to how education was viewed in some parts of the world centuries  or millennia ago.


0 thoughts on “Education: Castrating Mo’fos for a while now! featuring also an Inappropriate conversation

  1. Yes, well, our pants might be tight, but at least we’ve got the balls to form and express our own opinion!

    Eat a European dick, you American drone 😛

    On a serious note, though: what does the American educational system look like? Is there space for philosophy, literature, humanistic exploration?


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