I got tagged but not like that – Courtesy of Daan “Da Maan” van den Bergh

Tagging has many meanings one of them is to write your mark on public property, and the other I learned about from the prurient  pictures posted on the inside of my friend’s high school locker room involves finishing on someone or something, in a sexual way, it is also known in some circles as the “Dinner Receipt”. Thankfully Daan has introduced me to a new definition of tagging and while I thank him for widening my lexical scope I must confess that despite being armed with this new definition I am afraid that the results will be the same, for I shall, in a heated rushed, adroitly answer these questions in such a way that makes you want more, and when I finish you will need some time to catch you breath and pull yourself together. So with that said, let’s get right into it:

The Rules

  1. Post these rules.
  2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
  3. Answering Questions given to you in the tagger’s post

Photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you

2013-01-25 16.08.35

  1. Despite the fact that I can read well, and went to prep school I am in fact black !!!
  2. MrMary almost went into the Navy and occasionally toys around with the idea
  3. I’ve been thinking about doing a body-building show, but I don’t want to wear speedos and get all oiled up and pose to entertain people
  4. MrMary can rock a party till the early light
  5. I’m tired today
  6. I’m gonna go meditate for about 2 hours after work
  7. I’m going to satirize a popular author/philosopher on Twitter, I want to let a couple of you in on it
  8. I have a funny post on male supplements coming up
  9. I am less than a hundred pounds away from reaching my goal of deadlifting what i used to in college 550lbs. I will aim for 600 by next year this time
  10. I was thinking of writing a post a week in French to get it moving again
  11. I need another vacation

Answering Questions given to you in the tagger’s post

Why do you think tag games like this exist?

There are many bloggers I like online, however due to social convention and past run-ins with the law I don’t see it ending well for me to go up to some one male or female and ask them the person questions that come to my mind when I read there stuff. So Im guessing we relent and ask these questions instead. I never tagg people I don’t like, that’s also why I always keep those lint free napkins on  the night stand.
Do you think they’re fun?

Sometimes they are fun because I never answer appropriately. I use it as chance to be a little less serious and have fun with some things. Luckily for me having fun with myself isn’t a sin, in the real world only in Catholicism (see what I did there – fucking nailed it)

Do you hate me for tagging you?

Daan, not at all You are my homey. If we were both single in the same city, I would hit the bars/libraries/supermarket with you and use my charm and silvered  tongue (thanks to clitoris awareness week) to persuade the chicks, that pinching there noses … actually not even gonna go there. You’re my homey can’t hate

Would you hate me if I would call you a vagina, twice a day, for the rest of your life?

we are what we eat are we not, especially when forced and bound by marriage/social convention/ and the slim prospect of returns on our investments

Why not?

Well thanks to my deordorant I stay dry 24/7. The extent of my dryness coupled with your calling me a vagina would be ironic and cause for laughter, no one like it that dry, even female olympic swimmers

Are you sure?

Well I am sure that there can be no certain in this, as a poet onces said,  time-field of short crops, where what you  sow comes back up very quickly!

So, do you enjoy being called a vagina?

Who wouldn’t I find that they make great after dinner mints

Do you like Scooby Snacks?

Do you mean brownies made with pot ? No I’ve never tried any drugs. I just partaken in alcohol and the morass of feigned excitement that goes around as mass depression, at least where I live

Would you like them, if I told you I liked them?

I’d say awesome, go get them brownies, but not like the Dutch East India companies got them brownies in Indonesia and the other colonial strong holds

Are you capable of forming your own opinion about stuff?

yes which is probably why I have better relationships with stray animals than most people.

Will you promise to ask the people you tag very annoying and random questions?

As my enlarged prostate is my witness I will ask the most annoying questions I can think of

My Turn: My Questions

  1. Have you had an erotic dream? What was it about?
  2. What was your first impression about me?
  3. Why did the Dead Sea die? Who killed it?
  4. If a building is already built why is it called a building?
  5. If doctors get to see you naked anyway then why do they leave the room while you change?
  6. What’s the most awkward question someone has ever asked you?
  7. Do you want to do a guest post on ASpoonfulofSuga ?
  8. If I gave you permission to ask me any question and I would answer what would you ask?
  9. Will You promise to ask even more annoying questions than I did ?
  10. What is it about syphilis and washed up rock stars that make them go so well together?
  11. I made a joke the other night involving Mother Theresa and Anal, I dont understand why people  got so upset can you explain
  12. MrMary in 2014 will embark on some legendary voyages where should you go and if I roll through your town want to havea  celebratory beer ?

People I nominate:

  1. tarnishedsophia.wordpress.com
  2. ladylovelyblogger.wordpress.com
  3. justmarj.wordpress.com
  4. sistasertraline.wordpress.com
  5. inkpaperpen.wordpress.com
  6. acflory.wordpress.com
  7. cursorymoments.wordpress.com/
  8. butimbeautiful.wordpress.com
  9. martinwiegand47.wordpress.com
  10. waywardspirit.wordpress.com
  11. summersolsticemusings.wordpress.com

NO ASK BACKS !!!!!!!!!!!!


      • 🙂 you let it out well my friend. When I’m reading to do up blog tag, I’m going to die laughing remembering your responses. It’s nice to see more of the comical side from you.


      • That’s awesome Lovely. It’s hard to find a balance Earlier on many people imagined that I was a bitter heartless lonely man who just measured out his time with furious bouts of masturbation, but that’s obviously not true, though ironically Im out of lotion.

        Other times the posts are a bit too cerebral or verbose. In think in real life we run through a wide diversity of experiences and we are stimulated by an almost endless number of happenings in the world around us.

        I like the anonymity of bloggings because it gives a perfect context to explore feelings emotions abberrant thoughts deep reflections etc


  1. “Despite the fact that I can read well, and went to prep school I am in fact black !!!”
    Made me snort on my keyboard – black male nerds are the best kind of nerds…my son is one too. Super smart, sarcastic, insightful.
    Many hilarious bits here – so fun to have made your acquaintance. Kat


    • Kat,

      Your son sounds all kinds of cool. I started a series back in the day about how to protect your children from the education system. While we have programs that education them on STD’s a lot of kids are very much susceptible to mental syphilis which unfortunately after a long period of gestation destroy their mind post under grad.

      Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it
      Hi fives



  2. You write in French???? I’d love to read something like that. My French is really rusty but I can still understand most of what I read without a dictionary by my elbow. Do it!


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