These are the Books I am Reading .. should I share thoughts/clips

Hey Everyone,

As you can tell from my lack of manners and the number of times I’ve exposed my self to consenting adults(females) in public, I read a lot. Those things you called social skills have in a variety of odd direction without the light of social acceptability to guide it both on the and to the straight path. For the past few months I didn’t read anything. But now the insatiable lust to know and understand consumes me yet again and so here we are , or rather like a maiden at your doorstep enticing you with the ill-wrought fruit plucked only moments ago from the conceptually antediluvian but ever ubiquitous Tree of Knowledge.imagesI am like a modern version of Claude Frollo – was a highly knowledgeable but morose young man- but only bigger blacker and a member of the balls deep all-stars.

I’m sorry I went off on a tangent.

So let me know, should I share some clips, share some thoughts, do you want to go even deeper into my mind?  Deeper is better …


5 thoughts on “These are the Books I am Reading .. should I share thoughts/clips

  1. Sure, go ahead! I’ve only read 2 of those books, and remember…knowing is half the battle! (Presumably the other half is USING your knowledge?)

    P.S. Claude Frollo? What an unfortunate name! I mean, have you ever seen the Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame? Judge Claude Frollo was a horrible person…with an amazing voice set. 🙂


    1. I never watched the Disney movie version, I felt the original version was so rich and satisfying. It would be hard to get into the Disney World. lol I love how your comment transported me back to my youth watch G.I.Joe on WPIX 11. You’re all kinds of cool. Victor Hugo’s Hunch back of Notre Dame is a very important book for me at least, I kind of hate how Disney removes the soul of things to mass produce and sell for profit. That just my two cents sorry for that impromptu rant


      1. Which original version are you referring to, MrMary? I was kind of sold to the movie where Anthony Hopkins played Hunchback and Lesley Anne Down the heroine. Tragic but beautifully haunting. And I agree with you about the Disney versions.


      2. MrMary, you should never apologize for ranting on your own blog…

        I’m glad that you got to watch G.I. Joe, I used to watch it while playing with my Gargoyle action figures. That, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

        I was basically RAISED on Disney. As in, until I was about 9, my mother was very particular about what I heard and saw…no reason to scar kids by letting them watch the news or scary/overly violent movies that young. Of course, I fell into reading by the time I was 4…so by the time I was 9, I’d read some violent stuff despite her sanctions.

        I agree that Disney (and Dreamworks, I suppose) remove some of the raw feeling from novel adaptations they do. But on some of them, the revised story combined with fantastic scores, incredible singing, and awesome animation is enough to make you like it anyway. (Yes, even if you read the original book.)

        Hunchback of Notre Dame is my favorite Disney movie, closely followed by Mulan. (Only the first ones…not the crappy sequels they did for each years later.) If I was a man, I’d probably be made fun of for waking up in the morning and eating a bowl of Honeycomb naked on my couch, watching cartoons…then again, I probably wouldn’t care.


      3. That’s so cool, did you hate that cursed Xanathos too ? I have mixed feelings about Disney-

        The media is dominated by five major companies (Time Warner, VIACOM, Vivendi Universal, Walt Disney and News Corp) which own 95% of all mass media including theme parks, movie studios, television and radio broadcast networks and programing, video news, sports entertainment, telecommunications, wireless phones, video games software, electronic media and music companies. Whilst historically, there was more diversity in companies, they have recently merged to form an elite which have the power to shape the opinion and beliefs of people.

        My experience of Disney was a bit different. The older I grew up the more I saw them perpetuating negative stereotypes: the two Siamese cats in the lady and the tramp, the native American Indian portrayal in peter Pan, King Louis from the jungle book, the crows magpies from Dumbo etc Even Walt Disney himself was accused of anti-semitism and racism. Granted public opinion has changed and things are different, and I am looking with new eyes at a situation removed from my time but you know once I became aware of those things it killed it for me. Also seeing how much control Disney has over the minds of children and all that post modernist stuff I always go on about it killed it. I am also not so cool in that I don’t watch many movies. The images in my mind always trumped that of TV. Perhaps because of my upbringing, I dislike the idea of things being dumbed down for children, when we simplify things or reduce them I think there is a lot left in the story, that can help many children today that they will never be exposed to sadly. Maybe I should write something on that.

        honeycombs naked on the couch (mind blown) … I don’t know how to respond

        I do like Honeycombs tho


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