Postcard News:This is the next Batch going out

2013-05-19 12.32.32For the last batch of the post-cards I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to pic out some specific themed post cards. This week I picked postcards of famous writers and of course one required post card about NYC. In the past I have sent post cards to

  • Portland, Oregon
  • The Netherlands

but this week I will be sending postcards to Friends/Bloggers in

  • China
  • Louisiana (USA)
  • Ohio (USA)
  • Georgia (USA),
  • Florida (USA)
  • The Philippines

I thought it would be stupid to just send the same stupid NYC touristic type of post cards. I wanted to make these postcards personal and different from the normal one’s everyone gets. The first theme was about aesthetics. Each postcard sent depicted a unique aesthetic take of the world around us. There was a nice artistic depiction of Central park in NYC – the heart of the City, there was the Pygmalion Painting by Gerome, Cypresses by Van Gogh. I could go into the meaning of his seeming haphazard coming together of postcards but I will leave that to you. These set of cards depict authors Mark Twain, James Joyce, and William Burroughs, the actor Sean Connery and a basic NYC post card. As I prepare the next set of cards I will tell you about these one’s of course. I may even make my own post cards series basked on my peregrination through the city.

Around the World in 80 Postcards Project

When I was younger I used to love to read Jules Vernes, he was a writer of the impossible, the father of science fiction. One book of his I never read was Around the World in 80 days. I just couldn’t get into it. Even though I haven’t read it I really find it inspiring. One can circle the world in less than 80 days of course but what is more important is that through the internet one’s ideas and experiences can touch a wealth of people simultaneously. Through this blog I have spoken to people all over the world and these conversations have enriched my life to be honest. So I am going to try to send as many post cards to as many readers as fellow bloggers as I can. If I continue to send three per week by the end of the year I should be able to send 156 hopefully . I think in about a year an half time I can reach 80 countries.

The Goal

The Internet is a reflection of the world. It is fragmented and estranged from itself. One can find racism, sexism, ageism just as easily on the net as one can in life. The internet has it dark side too, it is often times an easy access to illegal tracking and all sorts of uncool stuff. One thing I have seen, well one ramification I have seem, is that the internet really has extended my conception of personality. Everyone blogger has a few, that are in many cases as much a part of them as they are an unfaithful projection of themselves or a part of themselves. It’s nice to be able to write something for someone , with no expectations, with there being no like button. This project for me is an exercise in sincerity and an extension of friendship. With that said here are some bloggers I would like to send a postcard to, I have a longer list but this is


Suzanita from
sistasertraline from
Meeks from
Mariette from
Jen from

I’m generally not sure how to ask. I’m guessing it sounds a bit odd I don’t want people thinking I am a serial weirdo that gets off on sending postcards to people.


  1. I think it’s a great idea. It shows you are kind and that you’re thinking of your fellow bloggers, who you consider friends. I know a blogger who sent a valentines day card to all of her followers who filled out the form. It’s blog loving!


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