UpDATEs, Postcard News, and some Randomly Chosen Music

Hola Friends

I worked Friday till late on this work project. I also worked from Saturday from 9pm to Sunday at 8:30 straight on this project. I woke up 3:15 did some errands volunteered some place just ate dinner. I have an endless amount of stuff to do and I am so tired, just drained really. Last week I went to the gym only 2 days which should tell you how busy I am.  The next two weeks should be hellacious and I will try to write as much as I can and post, so bear with me I got tons of enw stuff for the

  1. taking the Negative Series
  2. Illogical But true Series
  3. MrMary on Blogging
  4. Clitorus Awareness
  5. Collaborations

and even more cool stuff but I am just swamped like an old french whore from 1850 would be with STD’s. But despite all of this I managed to send out the following post cards to some of my blogging friends.I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to get these. Sending post cards is all about intention. We write so much behind a name and an internet connection. It’s nice to just do something for someone else without want of reward, something that you hope will make them smile a little

2013-05-08 13.16.35(1)

If You would like a post card from NYC, or Mrmary, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.  Lots of fun stuff coming

stayed tuned

Yeh thats it



Randonly Chosen Song

I listen to this when I want to get primal and lift really heavy. It’s jarring and gets me pumped and jumping around. My shoulder/rotator cuff is much better I up to 275 lbs benching. My 1 rep max is about 300 lbs which is 195 from my max in college. Wish me luck.


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