A Special Heartfelt Message & Poster for all Mothers out there

A Special Message


A Personal Note

I do not like to get personal, meaning I don’t like to talk about the stuff closest to my heart. Well because I have found that the nature of the world is to sully whatever  beautiful things manifests itself.  In Islam or more particular in Sufism there is a mystical tradition that ascribe 99 characteristics to God, the Most high (ironically not Spliff Star). One of these attribute al -mussawwir means shaper of things with beauty, please forgive my arabic transliteral spelling. I have despite the pain and suffering found and immense beauty in life, and I stay silent about it because that is the only true language to express sublime beauty – words will be are an imperfect substitute. If you want to know a person, or get a real good sense of them look at the things they don’t talk about. Ill keep it short, but ultimately as Roland Barthes said, the image has the last words. So I give to you 2 images:

Pic#1 – My Sister told Me to pretend to be constipated while I took this picture with my mom, and my mom looks down in disgust but she wants to laugh

2013-05-04 15.40.58




  1. Your mom is a looker. Sure you weren’t adopted, my pal? 😀
    Seriously, she has done a splendid job in raising a fine young man that you are. You do owe her that huge.
    Constipated, yeah. You still looked glamorous though. 🙂 Wonderful shot actually.
    You forgot to greet me yesterday but the salutatory message above is enough. Cute and funny. I like it.


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