Adult Entertainment Goes Mainstream in Sexy Baby

I thought being that this is clitorus awareness week this blog post would sort of be pertinent too enjoy !!!!

Karina Schroeder


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A seismic cultural shift is taking place in the U.S. right now: the cyber age is creating a new sexual landscape.

This is the premise of recently released documentary Sexy Baby, which made its world premiere last Friday at the Tribeca Film Festival. Directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, Sexy Baby follows the lives of three different women as they discuss how this shift has altered, and is in the process of altering, their identities. Well-crafted and woven together, Sexy Babyis a shocking, upsetting, and powerful reminder of the effects of sexualized media images.

Laura, a 22-year-old kindergarten teacher in North Carolina, is about to undergo a labiaplasty procedure (where a doctor cuts off large parts of a woman’s labia to reduce its size). Ever since her ex-boyfriend compared her labia to those of the porn stars he watched, she…

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One thought on “Adult Entertainment Goes Mainstream in Sexy Baby

  1. This is really disturbing…

    But what is causing this? Is it the competitive nature of the American?

    Sexuality and looking sexy is a natural thing: animals leave a smell to show they are readyfop mating and the male species are usually very colorful (birds for example) to be appealing to the female.

    But why is it taking such an extreme turn in the US?

    What in that culture causes that? Here in Europe plastic surgery isn’t as popular IMO. Only in Eastern European-countries, but I am convinced that is due to the overall insecure nature of these countries (they are always labeled as poor, slaves, whores, etc. So they take extreme measures to ‘disproof’ these labels – and doing the opposite in the meanwhile).

    I can’t speak for the rest of western Europe cause I haven’t traveled the last few years, but in the Netherlands women just take the regular measures to make themselves appealing in my experience.

    Is it an epidemic of self loathing? Extreme competitivity? What is it?


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