Monday Sucked Hard, But Jen&Tonic Made my Day – My POSTCARD Project


[First all I just wanted to say Monday here refers to the day  not a girl I knew by that name, she didn’t believe in it so I didn’t waste my time. ]

Today was a tough day at work and with life. I suppose that  we all have to have days like this to make us stop and look at what is going on. I got home today at 11 PM, I have  ton of things to do for tomorrow and Wednesday. I have to also pack things up for the move in two weeks. I have land lords and superintendents to meet, things to grade, exams to create and an endless number of project to complete. I came home and sat down and on my desk I saw my mail. I normally do not get mail. Unless its a court summons or a collection agency.


not the actual postcard but images in post card are actually a lot bigger in real life kind of like the immages in your car mirror

This time however it was a postcard from the Lovely Ms JenandTonic. A couple of days ago I had some extra post cards and I offered to send them out to my readers. I thought it would be cool and nice gesture and a reminder that behind the endless stream of words there are real people with real lives that stop everything to share words with us, or images from there life. Normally under most circumstances I wouldn’t think that 43 words could have such an impact on such a rotten day. But this post card really cheered me up.

A big Thank you to the lovely Ms Jen and Tonic

Jen, If I make it to Austin in October first two rounds are on me !!!, uhm I will pay for them I mean, I didn’t receive a memo about body shots, unless that’s how you like people to show their thanks :-) then we can work something out I am sure. I am going to create a special page on the blog for this post card Project. Again if you havent already please let me know if you would a post card from  MrMary, you don’t even have to send one back you just can just lay back and receive – which last I checked is a married woman’s dream come true.

okie dokie


5 thoughts on “Monday Sucked Hard, But Jen&Tonic Made my Day – My POSTCARD Project

  1. MR. MARY!!!! I just got a chance to get to a computer and comment. So happy you got the postcard and liked it! Isn’t it nice to get something other than bills for a change? Thanks for doing the postcard exchange :)

    Also, I must say, I’m liking the new layout of the site. Very sexy. I also love the picture of you on the toilet. Your milkshake will certainly bring all the girls to the yard.

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