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“Graduate Course Instructor / Scientific Researcher ”

I have a entire book of poems sitting there waiting for me to finish them. I almost have an interesting book based on interviews I did in 2011-2012, and I have half a novel all sitting there  on my desk gathering dusk. Luckily I am moving from this place and will be in a new apartment where I have my own space and time to finally devote to publishing.  I will be able to make more videos. Ultimately the many aspects of my life that’s are currently on hold wont be any more. This collection is like a Monelle in a  way by Marcel Schwob. I wont get into that too much. My mentor in writing, in particular writing poetry told me that poetry is a private ecstasy made public. There are many aspects to MrMary not all of them I like to share except with a small handful of people. But I felt You have been with me in a way sorta for 930 posts, which means we are in a  relationship we have already gone balls-deep, uhm inside our respect opinions personalities and mind. So yeah that’s it


Foundations of an Imaginary Separation

The sun’s hanging high in the sky and everyone
feels the warmth of that statement, even we who

walk in the shadows of skyscrapers; man’s impuissance
in front of Nature is a terrible and dear commodity.

It’s the missing element in the story of Eden. Having crafted
feebleness into our hands could we really have been

kicked out of that closeness? Eden is here now sitting with us
but like the sun, we cut ourselves off from the sight of its

majesty in the distance, having built this world on the foundation
of an imaginary separation

Meetings in Somnolence

I’ve spent so much time alone,
I shake this page into vastness of the night air
releasing its treasure of words, into the thick clouds
of somnolence.

fall into the fertile soil
of your dreams, while others
falling on your roof lull you into a deeper
sleep with that gentle pitter-patter you know so well.

Maybe now
as your eyes have long
reached the end of this page, the sound
of my familiar voice endures.


15 thoughts on “Day Jobs of The Poets – & Another side of MrMary

      1. Jen

        it has been an awesome time the last few weeks to read your posts and chat with you on twitter. I feel really great to be getting to know you, you’re all kinds of awesome and thoughtful. I really think you make the blogosphere better by just doing what you do 🙂
        Love from NYC


      2. Awe! That is the kindest thing to say, my dearest friend!! It is the one compliment that I don’t argue with, when I’m told that I’m just an all round nce girl. I know my spirit, and it is a good, sensitive one! There is no fakin that!

        I have really enjoyed you too!! And… I’m not going anywhere!! We have all the time in the world to keep being friends… I do visit NY from time to time… maybe we will sit for coffee someday!!

        There are so many beautiful pieces to the blogosphere… I’m happy just being a little slice of it!! Word!!



      3. Wow… Dave is my brother’s name. Great name. My brother was my other half. He was my, best of everything. My growing up friend, my little partner in crime… my fav person in the whole world…

        I really miss him. Dave. Good name. 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot Daan. I was really impacted by going through your blog recently.Sometimes I get all weird and do not like to share a lot of my own writings but I admire you’re writing and putting yourself out there so it was really helpful to say the least



      1. Putting myself out there merely a counter-attack to the opposite, which my father forced us to do when I was younger.

        Maybe one day I’ll reel it in a little to a healthier, less barenaked, kind of way, but for now, it’s the only thing that feels right.


  1. Absolutely loved this, Mr. Mary. My fave out of the bunch is “Eternal Meetings in Somnolence”

    I can’t wait to read more. I know it’s a weird feeling to share things that are so personal to you. Every poem, every word are like whispers from your mind. I still have it with every doodle I share or every piece I write. It’s personal, it’s a piece of me you know. I don’t think you will ever get over that feeling of being slightly nervous when you open your mind to the world. It’s a good thing, I think. Because, who knows who you might inspire by doing so, right? 🙂

    Gotta be honest and tell that I had to google a few words haha. But…I am expanding my vocabulary! Woohoo!


    1. Mademoiselle Lubrano

      That’s an awesome title I feel like I am Stendhal about to describe a beautiful italian Countess lol.

      Thanks for your comment. When i decided to write I didnt realize how person it was going to be. I wanted to be primarily a novelist, because it’s not as vulnerable a feeling. You can write the craziest story and if it works everyone will just imagine that you have a fecund imagination. With poetry it’s totally different, I feel and I could be wrong, that poetry is one of the oldest arts, and as a result its one of the most personal, it carries with it personal struggles, the history and aspirations of a people. I think that the more uncomfortable you are the more opportunities there are for growth. Thanks for this comment. It reall allaying my apprehension at sharing my thoughts and writings 🙂

      You’re the coolest


      1. Haha! That is a lovely title, Sir Dave!

        It’s funny and interesting to see what turns writing takes in the end. I do fully agree that poetry is one of the oldest arts in the world. People back in the days were far more poetic then than they are now. It’s like a sophisticated way of using words and creating stories you know. ALSO, I agree with being uncomfortable, but having more opportunities for growth and recognition. You’re willing to push through your fears and awkward feelings because you want a change and make a difference for yourself.

        You gotta keep on writing!!


    1. Thanks a lot, I am always apprehensive to share my writing even though there is a picture of myself on the front page opf this blog sitting on the toilet. It’s a type of vulnerability which comments like yours make easier to bear. I really appreciate this comment and your coming here to read what i’ve written


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