Greatest Moments in Blogging History # 4: Monsieur Sans-Abri

My parents loved that I loved reading but they were scared that I would read the wrong books at too early an age. Their fears were realized when they found me in the library one afternoon reading the Marquis de Sade. I had finished my reading of Stephen Hawkings and thought I needed something to relax my mind. I had heard a lot about Le Marquis from somewhere and thought to take advantage of being in a library to read him. I was a precocious kid. I spent a long time to think contemplate and form an opinion. My parents felt that once I made up my mind to do something few things could stop me from doing it. They wanted me to finish school, get a nice job, wear collared shirts and a whole bunch of stuff I had no interest in like behaving or falling in line.

One day I think I got into trouble for writing an essay about how cool it would be to be homeless. I reasoned that I could work jobs here and there and figure life out on my terms. This is where this moment started. And as is said, “what is a great life but to have the dreams of childhood realized as an adult” (I think that was Peguy).

Your 4th Greatest Moment  In Blogging History


I never did become homeless, but for some reason I found myself incredible detached from many things. I live a very spartan existence.  I have only the minimum of any one thing except books. One day I pulled out my method acting skills and decided to experience a moment of homelessness, and I will tell you what I discovered.( I basically got all my torn and ripped close from the bottom of the closet filled up a broken push cart with garbage and went walking outside in front of my building. My lady came with me to watch and just in case. She didn’t take picture of film it because I was preparing a role and you just don’t do that.

My Conclusions

  1. The people who got upset at me for go out like in the picture above don’t usually give money or food to the homeless. The homeless and the impoverished of the world in fact expose their insecurity and fears and inescapable mortality which is why they are always shunned and pushed to the fringes of society.
  2. The people who would say I am crazy to do what I do and what I did/do, usually have never challenged the status quo, or tried to think that there is more to life than the 9-5, the station wagon , mortgages, and taking supplements for a diminished libido at an age where sexual activity  can no longer reaffirm or solve any personal hang ups.
  3. The difference between a homeless person and a home less person has to do with how much they are attached to living and operating within this system we have. there are few people with access to amenities with great houses and “stuff” but who are so unattached as to be home-less.
  4. I think the place I am most comfortable so far has been in the white spaces between the words.

MrMary keeping it Honest

PS – I told my mother the other day, “See, I told you  I wouldn’t become a deviant. I’m not paying rent for a space in anyone’s anus (not that anything is wrong if that what you’re into), and I still  don’t have to co-pay for sphincter rehabilitation.” She just ignore as is custom


“Language is the only homeland.”
Czesław Miłosz


  1. -grin- precious child indeed. You are who you are without apology and that’s the greatest strength I can think of. It’s taken me 60 years to get to the same ‘place’.


    • Thanks I appreciate that. I have always liked being myself unabashedly it’s fun and a blessing I think to be a live. Somtimes my passions and following them get me into trouble lol sometimes they bring me to a relative acme of understanding. its a shame that people well in my experience have always told me to shut up or not talk or refrain from showing how I really feel about things. im glad you feel the same way, its like I havea partner in folly from a distance 😀


      • Howdy Partner! I was brought up to be polite and considerate and all that BUT my Dad also taught me to use my brains, question everything and make up my own mind about things. That got me into trouble too but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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