Lecturing tonight here is something for ya till I return & Want a PostCard from MrMary


While my lady was sleeping I took out my harmonica, my actual  harmonica not a double entendre though it is hard to get out once it’s in the box. I decided to singer her a song, an obnoxious  song. I played off key, I just blew I made all sorts of noise.  She tried to hit me  because well she is a light sleeper and woke up early  to walk the dogs. In my defense, I work a lot so I didn’t want her to feel all alone, and I thought this would be a cool way to vocalize/communicate my affections. here’s the song

Postcard for my Readers from Me!

IMG_20130418_134043I love post cards  and I love sending them and giving them out to friendly people. It’s nice well  I think it could be a nice reminder that even though we only interact from behind a screen we are real people too. Everyone loves getting mail, sometimes from negros with overdeveloped arms, like myself. Tell me if you’d like a post card with a special personalized message on it from MrMary MF Poppins.


Last but not least a reminder that

you can buy almost anything nowadays






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