Thanks Wasington Post for Surveying Non-Muslims Caucasians – Now I have a much needed Prop

If you are the average American  you’re getting ready to surf that new ways of Islamophobia. Don’t believe me look at these headings:

  1. Americans who distrust Muslims are likelier to back the war on terror

  2. Boston Marathon bombings unleash a new wave of Islamophobia

  3. How Boston Exposes America’s Dark Post-9/11 Bargain

But I am not going to even get into all that. In reading these article I have learned a lot but, from the first article I got an invaluable tool this:


Background on this graph

In two different surveys conducted in 2006 and 2007,  respondents were asked to rate whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians and “Muslims” or “Muslim-Americans” on a series of seven-point scales.  Respondents were asked at random about either Muslims or Muslim-Americans.  Each scale measured a particular attribute: peaceful-violent, trustworthy-untrustworthy, hardworking-lazy, intelligent-unintelligent.  Respondents were administered this survey via the Internet, which helps facilitate their willingness to express opinions that they might otherwise believe would face social condemnation.

Results of the Graph

On average respondents rated both Muslims and Muslim-Americans as more violent than peaceful and as more untrustworthy than trustworthy. Put in percentage terms, 45 percent of respondents placed Muslim-Americans on the “violent” side of the scale, and 51 percent placed Muslims on this side of the scale. Given that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was an American citizen, it is notable that respondents do not appear to distinguish between Muslims and Muslim-Americans.  Both groups are stereotyped in much the same way. At the same time, Muslims and Muslim-Americans were perceived as more hardworking than lazy and as more intelligent than unintelligent.  Gross and I argue that this pattern fits the prevailing images of Muslims that Americans are exposed to in the news and entertainment media.  Muslims are portrayed, intentionally or not, as devious and violent more often than they are portrayed as lazy or dumb.

These surveys suggest that many Americans do not distinguish between the vast majority of peaceful Muslims and the very small number of Muslims who commit violent acts

MrMary Uses this Graph to explain…

This graph talks a lot about stuff we are not interesting in like tolerance of difference,

1. Why I as a Negro Love Phone Interviews

phone-interviewThe general Stereotype is that Black People are lazy, not so bright, and a bit violent. That what I have been told,  abd that is what i have heard too. I have trained my speaking voice, so that when I am on the phone  my ethnicity remains a mystery. My strategy is to get them to like me first before they see me. If they like me first before they see me, and my  resume is pretty stacked , like my first girlfriend, then I just may get the job. Luckily my parents named me David and my last name is very French. One place I  had to deal with thought I was a Jew of French Descent, until they saw me.

Check this out:

Hey I am here to see Mr. So&So

Do you have an appointment

Yes I am David ……., I’m support to meet him at 12:30 pm

Oh,…You’re David?

The Same One I  spo….

Yes We spoke on the phone, you remarked how you washed your car right before the rain started

On Yeah…. uhm have seat … I’ll tell I mean I’ll Let Mr. So&So know

2. Why You are screwed if You are a Black Muslim

Smile now why you still physiologically can do so i.e. on your own volition. After you get harassed and beaten there will be a permanent smile kicked into your face
Smile now why you still physiologically can do so i.e. on your own volition. After you get harassed and beaten there will be a permanent smile kicked into your face

Think about it, if slave owners could look past the abuses of slavery and still go to church without a heavy heart, not to mention engage in a war with other fellow country to keep that institution ever present what makes you think that ……..

If you are black Muslim in American means that baton and civil rights abuses will plague your every step, unless you are Muhammad Ali or an entertainer that is famous. If you haven’t entertained America or don’t have much $$$$  you will get shat on like that car on your block that parked under the tree on Sunday Morning.

NYPD particularly even though its unconstitutional target black, and muslims 60% of the beatings you could have walked away from 6 months after Intensive care  you wont be able too just by being black or Muslim.

Don’t believe me on the Muslim thing , here it is from the Journal of Muslim mental Health

Following September 11, 2001, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported a 1,700 percent increase of hate crimes against Muslim Americans between 2000 to 2001. During the process of adjusting to the aftermath of September 11, Muslim Americans faced an upsurge in negative stereotypes expressed by the larger society and Muslim immigrants, more than any other immigrant group, were met with negative attitudes . Since then, increased racial and religious animosity has left Arabs, Middle Easterners, Muslims, and those who bear stereotyped physical resemblance to members of these groups, fearful of potential hatred and hostility from persons of other cultures.

Although Muslim is a religious label and does not pertain to race, the line between racism and religious discrimination is often blurred . Muslim Americans are often perceived as a monolithic group, conceptualized as a religious minority thought to act, think, and behave similarly despite wide ethnic differences that exist within the Muslim American community

MrMary can use this graph to helps his explanations of the following, like

  1. Why so many of my Caucasian friends love dating Asian Women

Leave a comment if you’d like to see  me use this graph in some crazy explanations and more!! Mna you ain’t even ready!!!

You got the ticket now take the ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




One comment

  1. Holy crap. I never knew that all my fellow white people were so incredibly Trustworthy, Peaceful, Intelligent and Hardworking. It is clear to me now that organizations/websites like Stormfront, Chimpout, the KKK, the Nazis, and N.O.F.E.A.R are either hoaxes or they are all run by an incredibly teeny tiny minority of Caucasians. *Warning: Intense Sarcasm*

    Honestly, I’m not hating on my own skin color. I’m not a self-hating white, and I don’t dislike my German culture and ancestry. But COME ON! Think about what you’re rating before you go and be stupid/racist on a national survey. Dear Gods…no wonder other countries think we’re all inbred rednecks.

    I’m going to go weep in a corner now.


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