MrMary On Blogs, Blogging and Bloggers: Chatting w/ a Blogger, The Blogger Summitt & What Type of Blogger do you want to be ?

imagesDon’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.

Kin Hubbard

I would say that if you want to know what kind of blogger you are, talk to a fellow blogger. Seriously, I would never advise you to do something I have not done myself. I talked with a blogger and it was

  1. Really Fun
  2. Cathartic
  3. Eye – opening

My blog posts are like my representative I cannot be in many places at once, so those of you outside nyc city deal exclusively with my blog content and from it form an image of me. Now things get interesting when you talk to that person who has had only  contact with my representative. After  our conversation I went on to run some errands and hit the gym and during a set I asked myself. What kind of blogger do I want to be? How much do I want to show of myself, how much do I want to obscure? How much do I want to engage in the blogging community ?

Some Personal Thoughts

le penseur_jpgI have noticed that blogging is often many times like the high school cafeteria: there are many different clicks, there are the tables of the popular kids, the non-athletic popular kids, the what might be deemed social misfits guaranteed to run super successful international corporations. I personally sat either by myself or with kids who where in my program – which was an advanced track for science and other stuff. We were the same group that took classes together for the duration of our four years together. Of this group I became close friends with only a select few.  I think that a common behaviour pattern for me,  I know many people  but I only really engage with a select few. This has happened with blogging too I must say.

So far I have focused on putting out content because frankly, when I do not write I do not feel well. Giving my living situation, writing is one of the few things that bring me a sense of happiness. I have not really focused on building and audience or doing much publicity. I have not read as many of the people I follow as I should have, I have also not commented as much as I should have too.

Thinking about it, one thing I have never settled for myself is where the dividing line  is between blogging and writing. A blogger seems a more accessible character than a writer. Even the definition hints at this: – a blogger is a person who keeps and updates a blog. A blog is like a coffee shop where people gather to converse to share. It’s like a community hang-out. The blogger’s responsibility is to keep the shop open and inviting, to give the regulars some extra benefits on the house.

It wasn’t until I talked to this other blogger that I thought about blogging really as a service provided.  So far I have been going about it as a writer. I produce content and send it out into the unknown and whoever comes, comes. Who ever likes it, likes it.

The Blogger I’d Like to Be

So I’ve been thinking about the type of blogger I would like to be, I don’t have an answer. Ideally I’d like to be the type of blogger that gets famous posthumously.  That would be ideal to tell you the truth, like I had a dedicated following of a small amount of people like the french poet Saint-Pol-Roux: flashes of brilliance, escaping many ordeals but succumbing finally to heart-break. What type of bloggers do you guys try/want to be ?  Any thoughts ?


The Blogger Summit

Everyone’s favourite bloggers Becca aka Big Mama Smiles and Jen aka Ms Steele Reserve 40 oz  have joined forces to cure Erectile dysfunction. Well indirectly of course. They have organized a Blogger Meet-up in Austin Texas, late October. I am thinking of going not just to cure my erectile dysfunction but to meet and greet the people there and get out of my comfort zone. Other than the lovely hosts, I don’t know anyone and usually tend to avoid these kinds of situations but I think it would be nice for me to get out and take a break. Im trying to back off my workaholic propensities this year in 2013. While I was chilling today I designed an image for this meetup/summit  tell me what you think




  1. D! First, the beginning part of this post is great. It is something I think about all of the time. The point of a blog is to write and produce content. It can be all to easy to get caught up in the reading and commenting of other blogs, meeting people, etc. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is part of being in this type of community. But it can take away from the time that goes towards producing content…. the whole purpose of blogging, right?

    Secondly, I am thrilled to hear that you are considering coming to the meet up. I would love to shoot the shit with you a la real life! We will all be a bit out of our comfort zone, but I think that is a good thing. Also, you are the first one to submit a logo/button/image/blable for the event, and honestly, I love it! I will be using it with upcoming related posts about the Meet Up! You set a good example D, really.


    • Thanks for your comment I can feel the smiles through your words!

      It’s hard to find a balance between the producing content and the interaction. I havent found it yet but I am still optimistic though. Sometimes I think the point of blogging is to foster connections which can be done either by the content we produce or the interactions we have, but that is very quixotic and overly idealistic. Once I figure it out we should chit chat about it:-)

      Im glad you liked the logo. I was having and Entenmann apple puff and it just hit me. I hope everyone else likes it too 🙂 Thanks for the comment and the love big mama 🙂



  2. LOVE the logo!! Thanks for getting you creative juices flowing with this one.

    I’ve thought a lot about what it means to be a blogger. For me, it’s just getting words out and hoping it makes a connection with at least one other person. I’ve been very appreciative of the multiple connections I’ve made here, despite being the shittiest blogger lately. I love that you write simply because it pours out of you. That’s what real writers do.


    • The Logo was fun to make I was gigling all the while I was making it.

      I am still on the journey of discovering what it means to be a blogger. From what I surmise so far, whatever it may mean,it is something very important. I try more than anything to be honest whether I’m telling a joke or saying something insane. I think if I can be as honest and sincere as possible I might have the opportunity to really reach someone. Sometimes I think its all for naught and I should quit blogging, but there is always a comment that bring me back. Being honest is tough. Sometimes I jsut want to hide behind the character of MrMary and do and say some foolishness. Buts its so much more liberating to jsut talk as simply as possible without any trappings.

      Anyways thanks so much for your comment I really appreciate it.


  3. Here’s what I found out about blogging. It does entail work! Yes. Interestingly. Because it’s not just about writing down what I have to say and hoping someone gets to read and be enlightened by my stuff one way or another. It also follows that I need to read what the other blogger has to say and assimilate what I can from that person. It’s an enjoyable process actually. Which sometimes makes me wish I could do this all day. 🙂

    By all means, go to the Blogger Meet Up, Dave. Do get out of that very comfortable zone of yours! 🙂 You’re fortunate to be nearer to your blogger pals. If I had the chance, I would want to come face to face with all the fascinating people I come across in our blogging world, too.

    It makes me wonder who could be that blogger you talked with. Very fortunate one, I’m sure.


  4. WEll seeing as we’re going to be completely ridiculous here, I’d like to be the sort of blogger that gets read by famous philosophers and possibly quoted in their ritzy bestsellers as in ‘well that’s just what I think but here’s what Rose of butimbeautiful has to say on the matter, and I think we all agree that’s definitive don’t we?”


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