Jocular Look @Todays news || Man allegedly beat roommate for drawing penis on his face

F718372022181911575DE94F6FF5F4_h231_w308_m5_cXgnRRiRoPolice in Arlington County, Va., say James Watson woke up early Saturday morning on his couch after a night of drinking. That’s when he noticed the penis drawn in permanent marker on his face. Engorged with rage, Watson allegedly burst into the room of one of his room-mates and started pummelling him until a third room-mate broke up the attack. The battered room-mate waited more than an hour to call police, which led to this epic mugshot.

Just One Comment

heading into prison with a dick drawn on your face especially by the corner of your mouth is not a smart move, it is comparable to rubbing bacon grease on one’s body and going out onto the Serengeti Plains. While I am definitely against violence. I do not think he should have pummelled his room-mate but at the same time  I never understood why people find this kind of thing funny. I went to an all boys prep school  I noticed a lot of this juvenile behavior and actually Dave Chappelle in a stand up routine summed up what I saw  in those 4 years:

dave_chappelleFrom now on, I smoke weed exclusively with white people. You got good weed conversation. All white people talk about when they get high is other times that they got high. I could listen to that shit all night. “Dude, remember at Franks last week, I was fucking smashed, man.” And catalogs everything they drink. “I had two shots of Jager, tequila, four bong hits, man… beer, cheeseburger.” That shit is great. The only bad part is… You cannot pass out around white people. Every time white dudes pass out around each other… They always do some borderline-gay shit when the guys are sleeping.





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