Greatest moments in Blogging History Part 1 – Inspiring you to Soar even higher

History is littered with Iconic moments, moments where the human spirits seems to triumph over mortality and the relentlessly surreptitious passage of  time.  We get to witness the amazing heights that human endeavouring, and resilience can reach. A few moments stick out to me, because they have inspired me to aspire for greatness:

Kobe Bryant Not Getting Lynched for Sleeping with that White Girl

Rumors are that his wife since the sexual assault case has started to use skin lightening products to deny Kobe his freedom, i.e. to oppress him. These rumors remain unsubstantiated at the writing of this blog post
Rumours are that his wife since the sexual assault case has started to use skin lightening products to deny Kobe his freedom, i.e. to oppress him. These rumours remain unsubstantiated at time writing of this blog post

Only a few decades before Negro were getting lynch for false accusation of sleeping with white women, now famous  Negros can sleep with them and not get strung up and burned to death for it. Free at last, free at last my people are clearly free at last

The Gin Craze In the UK

William_Hogarth_-_Gin_LaneThe Gin Craze was a period in the first half of the 18th century when the consumption of gin increased rapidly in Great Britain, especially in London. Many people over-consumed and the city had a virtual epidemic of extreme drunkenness; this provoked moral outrage and a legislative backlash that some compare to the modern drug wars. This proved to me once again that drugs are not the issue but people using them as excuses to be assholes.

The Emergence of Native American Owned Casinos in the United

Pala_CasinoI thought the Native Americans were dead, but after giving the last remaining few of them tax breaks they are making a come back. Some Scientist feel that extending this tax break to species close to being extinct might result in a positive growth of numbers like for the Native Americans. For species that are already extinct the tax break might extend retroactively.

But its not enough to be inspire

What good is being inspired if one does nothing with it. I have been thinking for the last year and change since this blog has been in existence really, of giving blogging a historical moment that would inspire others as well, like I was inspired by these iconic moments.

To craft an iconic moment it has to come from deep, deep within, and it has to inspire others. After going deep within myself I give you one of Blogging’s Greatest Moments in History

I’ve Just turned Blogging upside down


I know what you’re saying, what is this Crispus Attucks looking mo fo doing ? Yes there is a method to my madness.

I really enjoy blogging, it’s fun and you for some reason keep reading what comes out of my mind yet at the same time  I know how fragile a thing blogging is. I see something that catches my eye or thing a thought and I rush to the computer to get it all out. In many cases it feel like I have to pee but cannot get to the bathroom. I end up writing in my head tapping my hand or foot and then once I get a moment racing to write everything down. Normally this happens at odd times. I feel that part of my passion for living and being me get subverting into blogging. I am nearing a 1000 posts  and I know that’s no guarantee that I will write a 1000 more.  The will to write, or the need to write I can’t explain and it does depend on me. It may just disappear one day.

there is a scene from Zorba the Greek that remains in my mind as fresh as the first time I read it:

“Look, one day I had gone to a little village. An old grandfather of ninety was busy planting an almond tree. ‘What, grandfather!’ I exclaimed. ‘Planting an almond tree?’ And he, bent as he was, turned around and said: ‘My son, I carry on as if I should never die.’ I replied: ‘And I carry on as if I was going to die any minute.’

Which of us was right, boss?”

As Zorba says somewhere in the book every man has his folly and maybe mine is not taking stuff to seriously, and laughing too much when I should be serious. Sometimes I feel that it is easy to get caught up in blogging, not realizing how much of a gift it is to have something to say other  than the banal trivialities about the weather and the local sports team. It’s a gift to be inspired really and have something consistent to come back to – do you know many people don’t have that ?

I figured the best way to remind you to remember, to laugh, to unfasten your belt and look for trouble, is to unfasten my belt and blog, in a stage way. My lady who took the pic is still laughing, but she is used to my bullshit.

and Btw Your welcome  🙂


I wasnt actually using the bathroom here, I was method acting. I am audition for the role of the black guy that was supposed to be a regular character on Friend. I need to sit on the bowl to see what it feels like for him to be burden but the pressing weight  of infrequent bowel movements driving a city bus for 40 hours a week


  1. Your readers love your endearing b*%$s#*t anyway, and you’ve kept me laughing with your zaniness for two days in a row now. It’s great that you’ve been writing substantially recently, Dave. Very interesting posts. I’m so glad.


    • Hi Five Marj,

      It’s nice to know Ive been making you laugh.I feel unsually accomplished, takign that horrendous picture in the bad lighting wasnt such a bad idea! I had the feeling I should have flexed more in the picture because the toilet seat attached to my rear end makes me look fat but I was in a volunerable position and didnt want to by flexing initiate any body processes that we both in the process of creating a legendary moment in blogging, would have been unprepared for



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