2 thoughts on “I Dont Understand it: Shoe Bombs & School Shootings in America

  1. Both of these two events have a common thread. “Evil people who would wish to do evil against people for no reason other then they are people.” There turly isn’t any protection from evil people by limiting good people from protecting themself’s from evil doers. Take the Oklahoma bomings a few years back. Cube vans or rental trucks or fertillizers weren’t out lawed either, and yet cars and trucks of all sorts are responsible for far more deaths. Even when old people ran their car into an outdoor market, killing something like 8 people, socioty didn’t out law old people driving. When all weapons are finally out lawed, what will we do with all of those rocks that then kill. If it is about the volume of people hurt and killed in any event? Then the news is full of world wide stories of people being killed by evil governments, who also profess in making life saving laws for people to live by, while reserving the right to kill at will unlimited, and undefined as massmurder. Non of whom can be stoped by outlawing the gun. At some point in time when we are first attacked by evil people and yet choose to call 911 for governments help. We should then also decide could we have also protected ourself’s better for that time until police gets there, with a gun? Remembering that all massmurder’s are stopped by men and women with guns. So it isn’t the evil of the gun, but rather the evil people who would use any weapon available including an outlawed gun.
    All the best.


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