8 thoughts on “What do you think about this ? How Much Do You Censor Yourself

    1. Hey Cakes and Shakes,

      I always love your name. It reminds me of a time I ate like way too much cake and sweets and had some crazy suga high πŸ™‚ I agree with you 100% but I find with blogging at least it is hard to get a feel sometimes for my audience. The anonymity of the net sometimes get in the way of being able to picture you’re audience.

      I usually write or try to write for 3-4 people I know, they are not bloggers or habitual readers but they sort of give me a point of refertence from which to proceed. How about you what do you feel about your audience? Who do you write for ?4


  1. I don’t think we should ever sensor ourselves. If we did, we would never see brilliant creativity, explode into something completely new… Who would we be, if we weren’t really ourselves?


    1. I agree but where I find difficulty is that sometimes the epression of creativity isnt always politically correct, some times it’s jarring, shocking etc. Also there will always be those I find who find some offense or insult in how you express yourself, usually even though it was never the intention. It’s almost like being yourself is a a diplomatic mission because so many others at least gfrom my own experience do not want to stand as an individual – sorry for the rambling but you’ve given me a lot to think about


      1. I completely hear what you’re saying. But, my arguement to that is: so what if someone wants to be offended by a person expressing them selves! I think that, in life, and when dealing with people, we are always going to find someone who has a problem with something!! I can post something on Tryst and offend someone, but that is MY right and MY space to publish MY thoughts. There is a time and a place to express our personal shit, our personal creativity, and our personal expressions. As long as we know the right places to be expressive, them people can be as pissed as they want! You get what I mean? People are ridiculous! People want to be free to speak & express, yet, they want to throw a fit if someone has different opinions… it’s really quite ridiculous!

        Using your own spaces to be expressive, that is your choice. Other’s need to understand the world doesn’t revolve around their thoughts. We ALL think! We ALL have thoughts!! Right!?! πŸ™‚ ((Thanks for getting my brain going again this morning… )) ~J


      2. You make some great points. You have every right to voice your thoughts and opinions. I think I am a bit scarred by some horrible experiences in the past that have happened when I vocalized how I was feeling. People are really ridiculous, everyone seems to think that they are open minded and really promote freedom of speech until someone says something that differs from their thought. For a while i was turned off to shairng and communicating but blogging here and soem other places has raelly turned me around πŸ™‚

        Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚


      3. I completely agree with you!! People are all about free expression… until they hear someone with different thoughts than them!! I couldn’t agree more!! Just goes to show how effing stupid peeps can be… Sheesh!! XO


  2. I’ve been away so I’m playing catch up here. But, no, no censor. When I don’t censor myself in real life I’m called the B word. I don’t really care-sticks and stones you know. My blog is lady lovely so as Amber, I try to be sensitive and promote love and happiness. When my blog first started and was un-sensored, I found I needed more positivity. That’s why now I just do poetry and short stories and such. I don’t sensor in real life so my blog is my break. I also enjoy that you don’t sensor so much. I like that alot. You found a good common ground of yourself and your auidence. The end.


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