The Fascinorous ‘Fro – A New Poster Series based loosely on my life (Potentialy inappropriate)

Sometimes I need a laugh, and when I do I either watch the first two seasons of Dual Survival, or I drink to excess. Usually when I find myself in a place where I cannot do either I make silly pictures. I made some silly pictures and sent them off to myfriends and they laughed, now I am sharing them with you my lovely audience of 5-7 people depending on whether I count my sister because she is forgetful and logs in with multiple names.


Pic 1:

Background: For some reason my family decided to vacation in Virginia one day and long story short we were followed by a car draped with the Confederate flag and some hand gestures and racial slurs were made. This happened on I95 South I believe going towards Charlottesville from Lynchburg. Uhm by the way, to me, Lynchburg is a terrible name for a city however I did like the Krispy Kreme Donut Factory just off Odd Fellows Road.


Pic 2

Background: I said something like this as a sarcastic comment once and it made me erupt into laughter. Unfortunately I was the only one laughing. No one else found it funny. I don’t think this needs much more elaboration


Pic 3

Background: I had an ass-hole for a boss at one job and on my last day of work he took me out to lunch. withsome co-workers. I ordered a Grape Soda and was made fun of for that. I mean who doesnt like grape Soda?

grape soda

Pic 4

Background: I have dated some women who were not black and it made a lot of people uncomfortable. In particular their parents, friends, the police in the train-station, the by standers and passer byes in the streets.


Yes There will be more images

stay tuned and enjoy πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “The Fascinorous ‘Fro – A New Poster Series based loosely on my life (Potentialy inappropriate)

    1. It’s great to have you here, I’d give you a hug but I over did it with the aze body spray j/k !!! yeah when i saw the sign saying entering lynchburg I told my parents that this was a horrible idea and an insult to our ancestors who died trying to get out of lynchburg. I was a dramatic kid i suppose πŸ™‚ How have you been dear, still busy as always ? Still being asked out for steak ?


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