Headfirst into WonderLand with the Lovely Alice (1)

The lovely blogger Ms Alice from the lovely Alice at Wonderland Blog took time from her busy life to sit chill and talk with MrMary. This is what ensued.


I Love language and prepositions especially. Why is the title of your blog Alice at wonderland and not Alice in Wonderland?

I wanted to call it Alice in Wonderland, but of course that was taken.  I started at blogger, which lets you use a @ so it was alice@wonderland there.  But WordPress doesn’t like the @.  I think it messes with their Big Brother thing, maybe.  So it became aliceatwonderland.  And people called me Alice, which is an awesome pseudonym.  I love it.

That change of prepositions almost has philosophical consequences. At implies a temporary sort of experience. For example I am at the library or at the ball park (not the men’s locker room Ball Park as in like Yankee Stadium) carries a slightly difference nuance than I am in the library. I think that within a phantasmagoric ambience like wonderland this becomes even more pronounce creates a little bit of situational irony in a way. uHm yeah I dunno if that’s a question I’m just rambling I guessit. 



What draws you to the story of Alice in Wonderland ? Who is your favorite character ?

I think the real world is like Wonderland.  We never know where the heck we’re going, and we don’t know where we’ve been.  We’re all mad here.  My favorite character is Alice, of course, but second is the Queen of Hearts because she doesn’t take crap from anybody.

A famous poet, 14th century poet said something similar:

Sometimes we’re intellectuals sometimes we’re crazy were bewildered…just bewildered headless, footless, nothing in our pockets, worthless drunkards… though sometimes we’re revealed sometimes concealed sometimes earth-like we’re abased and debased sometimes sky like were exalted and transcendent…

See you keep in good company with all your smarts 😀


We all know you’re fabulous, especially since you have said so on your blog, but what is it like to life with as I would imagine it to be the gift and curse of being fabulous?

Whew, it is a gift and a curse, how right you are!  It helps that I have lots of readers that share my delusions and think I’m fabulous.  I am not fabulous without them.  Well, not as fabulous.  It’s a gift because I have all these blogger friends and a curse because I want to keep them happy so sometimes I put pressure on myself to create the perfect post.  Then I say, heck with it, and just slap anything up there.


What character would I be in the Wonderland stories hopefully not the jaber wocky ?

No, not the Jabberwock!  You are not that slithy.  I think you’d be a good Caterpillar – sittin’ up there smokin’ your pipe and sharing bizarre news stories with us.

That’s really cool the Caterpillar is a strange character. He asks Alice a few times Who are you. It is like The opening of Hamlet : “Who’s There”? He is the character of latent transformation , and his interaction with Alice is interesting, he tells her how to change her height and better interact with the challenges she faces. That’s much cooler than the mad hatter. I like the idea of appearing crazy while being grounded in the truth of the reality of things


What brought you to the blogosphere? I’m glad you are here and I have thoroughly enjoyed your 50 shades recap. What made you want to do so may recaps of the 50 shades of grey.


My therapist brought me to the blogosphere.  You see, I go to counseling sessions (btw I’m slightly “mad”) and when I was going into AliceRage about whatever slights I had suffered that particular day, which I always told in dramatic story form with lots of sarcasm and whatnot, my therapist laughed.  This is what you want in a therapist: someone who laughs at you.  But she said that was a good thing, and that I should really try writing this stuff down, because while she sympathized, my angst was, according to her, quite funny.  So I have a blog.

I decided to recap 50 Shades because it annoyed the hell out of me that any woman would like that crap and I said so and people said well you can’t say it’s bad until you read it.  I thought I was doing well enough to read Speaker 7’s recaps (which are the absolute most hilarious things I have ever read), but I wanted to be able to say I read the stuff.  For some reason.  So I started recapping, which turned out to be a fabulous idea.  I have gotten a ton of readers this way, so I guess I should actually thank E.L. James for writing such stupid books. 


Big picture question, what is the take away message you would like your blog to say about you the person underneath the blogger ?

Crap, that’s like a philosophical question or something, right?  I think Alice is the part of me I most want to be in real life.  She says whatever the hell she wants and uses lots of curse words.  I’m not as brave in real life, but I am sarcastic and cynical, and I love making people laugh.  If I get to know you, I’ll open up and never shut up, but till then I stay quiet because I’m really introverted.  The Internet and blogging are absolutely perfect for me. 


What do you think is your most used word on your blog and why?

Crap.  It’s my go-to curse word of choice.  I have kids, so I can’t say “fuck” any time I want (although I might have once or twice when someone cut me off in traffic.) 


Why did you structure the blog the way you do I’m curious about it actually. Structure carries meaning of course it is an extension of how you see things and I’m curious as to why it is structured as so. When I first go to your page I see the 50 shades recapped and I have to go over to the recently post section ?

I put up the 50 Shades recapped as my homepage because that’s what most people go to my blog for at the moment.  It makes it easier for people to get to your posts to have them linked right there like that.  I saw that Speaker 7 did it that way, and I try to shamelessly copy her whenever I can.  When I’m done with the 50 Shades, I will probably make my homepage something else.  I’m welcome to any other ideas for a homepage. 


nothing says camaraderie like many pairs of jazz hands
nothing says camaraderie like many pairs of jazz hands

What do you really feel about camaraderie on the blogosphere, how you view your readers. Do you write to them, for them, or at them, or do you just right and through caution and prepositional phrases to the wind

I LOVE the camaraderie on the blogosphere.  I had no idea it was out there all this time.  There are so many people like me with the same crazy, sarcastic sense of humor.  They are awesome people, and willing to let you into the circle of wackiness.  Speaker 7 was the first to mention me on her blog, and bam, I got a lot of people coming over there.  Through her I found Le Clown and his cirque de freaks community.  I commented on their blogs, and I commented on the blogs of their followers (if I found their comments funny, which I so often did) and it just snowballed from there.  Like attracts like, I’ve found, and if someone else thinks a blogger you dig is great, they’re probably great as well. 

The very best part of blogging is truly the friendships I’ve made.  It’s given me a ton of confidence to have people read my writing and enjoy it.  But I’ve always loved to write, so I guess you could say I write for myself and for my readers.  I love the feedback and try to respond to all my comments.  The greatest compliment someone can give me is to tell me I’m funny.  I’ll work my butt off for them after that. 

To Be Continued


This collaboraton was made possible by Women’s International Month, free-time and blogger good will



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