Shit I tell my Therapist & Regular Readers Who Ask: The Open Sewage Update on my life

Sup Doc,

Hope you are well, and have enjoyed life in the meanwhile and also the Oscars, although I suspect you aren’t a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s style of humor and the debates about violence  in Django Unchained.  I figured for an easier segway into things is to give you an update

1.  Major dispute with the landlord. I’ve to leave the apartment by b June 1  Due to a fall out of this argument between the aforementioned parties There is also no gas for cooking which I don’t mind but I bout a crap ton of stuff from Costco

2. There was a massive plumbing issue that rendered the bathroom facilities out of use for half a week. Which lead to more arguments with management and made life  hell on earth. Well not exactly hell on earth, hell is a big place according to Dante’s inferno. If I had to be specific in my comparison I would equate things to the third circle in the Inferno with the raining putrefaction

There were many other stressful things going on but I cannot remember at the moment, but that’s life I suppose. Chekhov said: Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out. Luckily I am not worn out that much, I see people on the train and they are in truly a deplorable state in terms of being worn out, they seem more worn out than the bathrooms in the rest areas outside Washington DC on I495

BTW Have you ever driven there? Its an awesome  trip through reality, I guess that is odd to me as DC itself, well the center of it, is immune to the ravages of reality


Yes Folks

My day of floor sleeping and crashing in my family’s place are over thankfully since where I sleep in the living room is drafty, and about 7 feet from the bathroom that where raw sewage seem to come out of the tub. It’s a toss up between having the window open and freezing to death of occasionally getting wafted with what must have been the Marquis de Sade’s fingers after a bad date, he was into anal ( see what I did there…. fucking nailed it..err )

I am working two jobs and on the subway travelling  about 15 hours a week on the subway, I am still reading, learning things, working out etc

I am almost out of the fire many good things are coming down the pipeline and I am almost out of the clearing, by my bday if all goes according to plan I will be finally in a good place ! Funny thing about working out weird hours to use the shower is that you know how much of a shit old men dont give in the locker room drying their ball with those overly powered hand dryers. Some things can never been un-seen.

Mrmary Gives  Serious Life Advice


Sometimes you just got to pee in the sink

~ Charles Bukowski

One comment

  1. I’ve also wondered what’s been happening around you recently. I do hope you’ll be able to transfer in a good place very soon. Please take care, dear friend .

    Your bday could not be far behind mine, and you’re working two jobs, too. Admit it, you are my younger brother in a parallel universe. 🙂


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