Nominated Twice in the Same Week for Blogger Awards

indexEvery since  I went to an all boy catholic school and  saw the plethora of pornographic images pasted inside my friend’s locker I have been sceptical about being on the receiving end twice in the same day. But last week everything has changed for me, two lovely bloggers have nominated me for an award.

This is a milestone for me because normally when ladies, as appealing as these nominate me for something, its usually for being an asshole or an unsavory character of some sort. Also I wax and wane about continuing to blog. Blogging  is like bird-song. It’s something that happens. For me there is no pre-meditation. I write as my lovely friend Marj says without regards to punctuation or much correction. There is no solid reason why I blog which is what makes it so fun. This means I am even happier then I normally am when  someone else other than the voices in my mind enjoys what I write.

Thanking Some Lovely Ladies


Ms. Tracy of the InkPaperPen Blog Nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Ms Natalie   nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award

The Combined Rules

I’ve already posted images of the awards and linked back to the bloggers who have nominated me , now I have to come up with 30 people to nominate for the two awards and share 14 things about myself.

The 14 Points

“Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.”

  1. I want to direct a movie where I cast Meryl Streep to play Harriet Tubman
  2. Due to many serious life changes recently I feel Life is starting new for me again at 31
  3. Sometimes I joke around too much and people get offended, but I honestly didn’t mean anything by it
  4. I like listening to Kenny Roger’s The Gambler when I feel unfulfilled by life
  5. I like homeless people, well certain homeless people. They smell of freedom, one I feel I lost but is ever lurking just beneath the activities of daily living.
  6. One of my favourite movies is Nacho Libre
  7. I secret like doing nice things for other people without them knowing it. Random asks of kindness make me feel that it is possible to love people in a general sense from a distance without adding any burdens to what they already carry.
  8. I am more afraid of suffering during the final moments of my life than actually it’s cessation.
  9. I’m a little stressed at the moment and can use some beer or some company while I consume the afore-mentioned beers
  10. Like a middle aged office worker I’m backlogged but in this case I mean that I  have at least 12 draft blog posts I will try to finish
  11. I agree with this video here
  12. Usually at home since I live with others I wear more than my calcon (underpants). I put on a pair of pants but I yank them as high up as I can  and walk around like that. It makes me laugh and it annoys my room-mates
  13. Whenever myself or my sister is going on a plane we sing lines from Rocketman or Daniel to each other and laugh hysterically in the airport. I’ve even run around JFK screaming Free-prostate exams  and other assorted bullshit
  14. I am very passionate about many disparate things, some of which are very very odd. I have a lot of opinions and sometimes articulate them outloud. Consequently I feel alienated from 70-85% of the people I meet. I don’t watch sports or care about the weather, and often caught unprepared for the inclement weather.

People I nominate

Ok this is all the people I could nominate 6 people for each award




  1. Thank you for including me up there once again. I wonder how you pronounce my name in heavy French accent. Highly interesting, I suppose. 😉

    I kind of envy the homeless sometimes I actually envision my future as a “bag lady” roaming around the streets, minus any heavy burdens of course.

    Love the 14 points you enumerated – and the song “Daniel” quite so..

    Ha ha ha! My dear Dave, you didn’t take that punctuation thing against me, did you? You know, with or without that, I adore your writing.


    • I will have to record me saying Majorie in french and send it along to ya! Yeah if I am homeless i dont want a heavy burden – it sounds funny when you say it out loud. Actually the punctuation thing was awesome it made me feel cool Like Kerouac who often times treated it like a red headed step child (thats how I remember it) well from One the Road or Dharma Bums. You put in in elevated company with that comment so Im pretty happy 🙂


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