MrMary Sponsors a Village Through the Blog – Responce to First world Problems Read by 3rd People & a New Series



To the human being there are many types of foods that should be consumed for holistic health to be ascertained. Of course the word food here has broad interpretations. It doesn’t just mean the fast food or home cooked/microwaveable things you cram down your gullet. People need  bouts of activity mental and physical, they need to communicate and also be heard.

To extend the analogy this blog is a source of food for me. it allows me to interact with you all. It allows me to be heard. What interesting is that this is a food that I get for free. Of course there is a little expenditure of time and energy but I have always be someone who can be at times very loquacious. This is clearly something I am thankful for.

The Reality

I also have or had family in the “Third world” I do not know if they are dead or alive as we are a not all very close. But the struggles of the the third world, or should I say home from me are never far from my ears or my heart. I heard my grandmothers voice the other day for perhaps the third time in my life. She lives out in some village and my parents are trying to sponsor a visit for her, as she has never been outside the country. Although I am struggling now, working 2 jobs, trying to pay off my debts. I have it pretty good in terms of  sustenance. I cna  activity participate in body building. I can blog. I can travel cross-country etc.  So with that said I thought I would

Put some money where my mouth is

What I mean by that was I thought I would extend happiness and benefit I derive from this blog to someone else in a way that has nothing to do with a like button, or a comment on a post.  I wanted to involve you guys in this process without requiring or need anything from anyone other than what you are already doing which is reading my words

So here is my plan:

I will take my average views per day on this blog (for the sake or argument now 250) and donate 10% of that amount in dollars each pay check to a particular charity. I will send a minimum of $25 twice a month, that way it covers those months where no one reads anything I write.  I will keep this as an ongoing series on the blog called “MrMary Cares“.  The only thing I want from you guys is to help me pick the charity. All you have to do is vote (I will post a poll) on the type of project i.e sustainable agriculture, Indigenous peoples, Fresh Water Projects, etc.  and where in the world you would like this to take place in . If no one votes no problem no judgement, I will pic at random

I will post correspondences and stuff online and if health is good  maybe I will fly out to the village or place and check it out and make a series of videos about it. This time with better camera and equipment.

All I want from you is feedback i.e What do you think of the idea ?

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