Illogical Thoughts/things that make perfect sense # 11

Fact # 1:


The U.S. government believes it can kill its own citizens, without penalty, if those citizens are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida. That’s the gist of a confidential Justice Department memo obtained by NBC News that explains the legal logic behind drone attacks on al-Qaida suspects who are U.S. citizens. The memo claims it’s lawful to kill al-Qaida-linked Americans who pose an “imminent” threat of violent attacks on the U.S., if capture isn’t feasible. But their definition of imminent is fuzzy, and seems to actually mean “would engage in attacks … were [they] able to do so.”

Fact #2:


The Justice Department announced that HSBC Bank had agreed to forfeit $1.256 billion and “enter a deferred prosecution agreement” for engaging in money laundering that involved the financing of drug cartels and groups with ties to terrorism. The agreement indicated there would be no criminal prosecution. Not one bank executive or lower-level banker would be put on trial and possibly sentenced to jail for his or her role in allowing money to be transferred to drug cartels or terrorists.

Illogical But It Make Sense

Using drone to kill Americans linked to al -Queda who are BELIEVED ( means no proof) to be senior al queda operational leaders,  or who may pose an imminent threat is ok. However not arresting banks and bankers who help finance drug cartels and terrorist make sense as long as they pay some money  we can look away.

My Question: Wouldnt a senior banking official who is financial terrorism qualify as an operational leader of Al-Queda


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