Showing that Blogger Love: Meet My Homey The PixieChick


I used to think that I had the sexiest blog in the land , that was until I stumbled upon the blog Exploring Pixie I came away looking to bump my blog up and turn up the sexy on here. But for now she clearly has me beat. Check out her recent posts, The Ones that I like a lot are :

  1. 3am conversation with a cookie

  2. To paraphrase Shakespeare…

I really like the energy of her blog.  She sounds like a funny bowl of sunshine. Other than my blog, where else can you read about Shakespeare shameful masturbation, work and all sorts of things said with panache and style



  1. Aww Mr Mary! Thank you so much. Now I wish my last post was really funny and witty, rather than a pretty serious take on the ten commandments 😉

    I’ll do better, I promise!


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