Jocular Look @ Todays News Double-Header: Helpful hubbies

Helpful Husband Double header

Helpful hubbies who cook and clean get less sex


According to a University of Washington study, couples in which men help out with “girlie” chores have significantly less sex than couples who stick to a traditional division of labor: women cook and clean, men tackle the yard work and car maintenance. Sociologists surveyed about 4,500 heterosexual married couples, reporting that couples overall had sex an average of five times a month, but that couples with traditional chore division had sex 1.6 times per month more than their equal opportunity counterparts. Before you put away that iron, hubbies, note that not helping at all can put a serious dent in wives’ marital satisfaction.


Husbands who share household chores more likely to divorce

46F05275B27E5BA0BB83B9BBFA7_h231_w308_m5_cxHhCDfJwNeed some ammunition to avoid cleaning the bathroom, couch-bound husbands? A Norwegian study “Equality in the Home” has found that “the more a man does in the home, the higher the divorce rate.” Study co-author Thomas Hansen said the surprising results may be because, if the same household duties aren’t shared, “one person is not stepping on the other’s toes,” meaning fewer squabbles. Hansen said the other reason for the results could be that “modern” couples are more likely to share household duties, and women in such non-medieval arrangements are often financially independent. So a one-way ticket to splitsville is more feasible because these working women “can manage much easier if they divorce.” Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to do some laundry, after all

Guys Don’t Do shit Around the house

OK So if I do more house-work I’m likely to not get any? It’s only natural that divorce will just be around the corner. When I was  younger I couldn’t understand why people were breaking up because of lack of sex. You see this is what is great about Catholicism, no matter how much you two hate each other, despite the separate beds, you both stay together living-in-misery in that hopes that the hell-on-earth-life your living brings you closer to the angelic irreverent meat packing, gap-filling endless buffet and short lines in heaven. (Did you see that a few centuries of social commentary right there).

The alternative doing absolutely nothing is also nightmarish if you think about it, lots of nagging, no putting out, lots of we got to talk speeches and no putting out, lots of couples counselling and no putting out. Before you know it you so starve for a piece you start cleaning extra and before you know you’re one of those guys getting divorced who cleans a lot.

The key is to participate just enough so that a case against not putting out isn’t created.

Seriously Note

One thing I have noticed is how much things have changed from when I started dating. The internet is everywhere texting and face-book is big. I think there being many more women in the workforce  and going to college is great than in the 1940’s is great and I hope that is continues. Society as a whole has changed and so do our evaluation of stereotypical gender roles. I think this is a conversation that needs to happen. I’ve encountered some stuff that makes me want to write a lil more about this but we will see

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