A not so Jocular Look @ Today’s News: “Special visits”: Care home admits inviting prostitutes to have sex with disabled residents

The call girls regularly meet with vulnerable guests for sex sessions – and a red sock is put on their door handle so they are not disturbed


Care home bosses today admitted inviting in prostitutes to offer sexual services to disabled residents. The street workers regularly meet with vulnerable guests for sex sessions – known in the home as a ‘’special visit’’.

Staff have been ordering the prostitutes by phone who then visit disabled residents at Chaseley, a nursing home caring for 55 people in Eastbourne, Sussex. Sex workers meet residents in a special room and a red sock is put on the door handle so staff know not to disturb them.

Bosses say many physically and mentally disabled people have no other sexual outlet – and become so frustrated they often resort to groping staff. The case is similar that of new Helen Hunt film The Sessions, in which she plays a ‘sex surrogate’ helping a disabled man lose his virginity.

Care workers say the ‘’sex surrogates’’ are ‘’therapeutic’’ and experts claim they are a ‘’basic human right’’. But East Sussex County Council has launched an urgent investigation into possible ‘’exploitation and abuse’’ of vulnerable people.


My lady and sister have worked a long time each in their individual profession with the developmentally disabled and it was eye-opening for me. Most of society treated the developmentally disabled whether mentally or physically are less than humans. This article made me think a lot.

first off I think it is important to know that one cannot lump all developmentally disabled people together in one category. There are those with Cerebral Palsy there are those with Down Syndrome. There are those who are high functioning there are those with low function. I think the first thing that would be nice is to recognize the developmentally disabled (DD) first as human beings. You would be surprised to know how some of the DD are treated and how they are kept doped up all the time and locked away in room.  I think its a stain on our society the severe marginalization of the disabled.

Check out this article by the NY TImes: Ending the segregation of the mentally Ill

Concerning the article

The issue here is two fold really:

  1. Our social hang up on sex.
  2. Out not wanting to accept that barring severe cases, disabled people are just has human as we are

Ok I think that’s it I don’t wanna continue ranting .

What are you’re thoughts on this ?


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