Jocular Look @ Today’s News: Oral-sex murder attempt

Couple+sexAt the intersection of “extremely sexy” and “extremely sick,” we crash into this. A Brazilian woman has been accused of coating her ladyparts in poison, then trying to murder her husband by seducing him into performing oral sex on her. Her bid failed because he noticed a “strange smell” down there and took her (as any caring husband would) to a local hospital to investigate further. Doctors detected the poison, and the ruse was uncovered — after, we imagine, many, many rounds of “How’d that get there?!” The husband is now suing his probably soon-to-be-former wife. [Source]


why not just get a divorce and emasculate the dude take all his stuff and leave him with only the psychological shell of who he used to be. That’s a slower more intimate punishment. To want to kill some one is sadistic but I figure a better way of being sadistic is to make someone suffer for an indeterminable amount of time?

why do some foods look like people parts

Also this women is clearly selfish. This is bad PR for cunnilingus. It’s not like guys where lined up to go and get some, now I imagine this will hurt the Her Lingus campaign (Round trip flights from NYC to Ireland from $699 between april 1 -30th. )  She should be punished for how she just screwed women on a whole out of a good lashing. This will also be bad press for Brazil nuts, people will do google search on brazil nuts and see thatsomone almost died from being poisoned by a nut of brazilian fare

Any thoughts

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