As sad Statistic – Good Luck to all College Grads & Question of the Day (QOTD)


If you’ve entertained thoughts that your job is, in crude vernacular, “b***h work,” good news — you’re not alone! Yes, college graduates (and future hordes of young people with expensive degrees), that job you’re lucky to have is probably beneath you. But hold the entitlement salad, because while a new study found that nearly half of people with college degrees are overqualified for their positions, the trend is likely to continue over the next decade. The study, based on Labor Department data from 2010, found that the number of college graduates in the workplace (41.7 million) was significantly higher than the number of jobs requiring college degrees (28.6 million).

The Reality

This has been my experience.

Question of the day:

Has anyone else noticed this trend if so how has it affected you?


  1. I think it comes down to your degree. I have an English degree. That degree does not qualify me for much, although I don’t regret getting this degree. I am one year away from graduating with my second degree in Accounting. With both degrees combined, I have more to offer than anyone else graduating with an Accounting degree. I do plan on sitting for the CPA as soon as possible.


  2. This is likely becoming a bigger problem in today’s economy and with the devaluation of the bachelor’s degree, but it’s not new. I graduated many years ago, and my first job was selling clothes. And, although many of the jobs I’ve had since were b*tch work, very few of them demanded a college degree.

    Part of the problem is how we look at undergraduate education. At least on the liberal arts side, an education is designed to make you a well-rounded person, not make you job-ready. That’s what voc schools and many grad schools (law, medicine) are designed for. I generally view one bachelor’s degree as being pretty much the same as another, after taking in differences for schools, etc. Obviously, with mathematics and the hard sciences there’s a little more specialized education going on, but otherwise it’s just about making you better equipped for whatever career you choose.


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