Funny Commentary on our Need to Photograph Everything

Maybe it is because I am very old school but I feel that its hard to really be totally immersed into what I am doing or in this case in particular enjoying if I am taking pictures all time. I remember I talked about this is a post I wrote called: The Cowboy from the Village People, Baudrillard, Twitter and some Sexy Rumpus .  Here are some salient posts from that post:

from the AMNY newspaper interview with Randy Jones, 59, is the original cowboy in The Village People on the 5/6/2012 issue:

Randy Jones, Village People cowboy on NYC’s nightlife evolution

Q. How has New York City nightlife changed since the disco era? 

A. We were the last generation able to truly live in the moment. We didn’t have voice mail and cell phones and were the last generation unburdened by the constant demands of technology. When we went out to dance, we were dancing. We weren’t taking a photo or a video of it – we were having the actual experience. (Young people today) are distracted from actually living the moments in their lives. I don’t know if people have less fun now, but everything they do is distracted. They don’t know what it’s like to not have information shoved at them from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed.

Social Commentary & Funny pics

Of course I talked about how the government doesn’t have to spend so much money and effort to spy on us because we do that for them with our consistent picture taking and  all this other I would supposed dystopian sorta practices hidden under the mask of social media and sharing . But there are many other things that can be said about this practice of distancin and distracted ourselves from living the moment of our lives. Check out this photo:



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