Kind of Nervous about Flying…. So wish me well

I think flying is always a nerve wracking experience for everyone. For me it particularly sucks because:

Risk of painful events and complications caused by sickling

Air travel. Because there is less oxygen at high altitudes, flying in an unpressurized airplane can cause cells to sickle. Large passenger airplanes are pressurized. But a person with sickle cell disease may have a sickling problem even when flying in a pressurized airplane. Most people won’t have problems if they are flying only for a short time (less than 4 to 6 hours) and drink plenty of fluids during the flight.

Usually I don’t eat for a day and take a few aspirin (it’s a blood thinner) and take connecting flights.  traveling by planes is nightmarish for me . I wish I could to  show you how painful a crisis is  but that would be cruel.

So I am taking a few precautions:

Today I am drinking an excessive amount of water and fasting. Going to sleep a lot, get some aspirin, not working out. I may have some  oxycodon pills from the last ER visit in case  anything happens, Ibroprofen, I will call and try to see if I can reserve an oxygen tank just in case I need it ( I feel like fucking Michael  Jackson) .

Even with all this said and done

Wish me luck


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