MrMary is the RocketMan, and is ready to blast off to LA

I’m getting ready for my trip and I’m about to take a flight

Sorry I had to put that in there. At one point in time I used to do a pretty good Sean Connery impersonation

So yeah I have to pack tonight, my bags not my girl on the side (See what I did there, I made a funny)  I’m off to LA, Vegas and maybe somewhere else in california. I have no idea what is there to do in LA but I will be making short videos of the Bullshit I do.

Here are some places I do intended of Going to and vlogging about:

1. Denny’s – I have never been to Denny’s, and as an African-American that is from what I have heard unacceptable. Join me as I indulge in  possible a Bacon Sunday and other heart clogging bullshit


2. Mecca – Im talking about Gold Gym in Venice Beach. I am going to see if I can channel the warrior spirit and DiaanaBol in the air and water and in the creams to inch ever closer to greatness.


3. A Taco truck – I got the inside connection on where to find the best mutha fugging tacos in East LA.  Maybe I will do like Taco Truck Confessions or reflections


BONUS: Looking at how the Lakers have been playing, I might see Kobe on Skid Row, and have to help him back to the limeLight, sorta like a modern less incarcerated version of the original The Longest Yard

Maybe I will try to be on the Price is Right and tell America to spay and Neuters their dogs. I’m down for errthang (that is everything in slang) woooo !!!

If you have any recommendations or  if you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to chill with the celebrated Monsieur Mary, or know a place where we can get a workout in holla at me at

Meanwhile enjoy this song.  Back in the day I used to ask my sister to play this song right before I would walk into the house. It was really cool, everyone new when I came, home that is, and well the other thing too the wall were paper thin.


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