I dance like this Almost Every morning – Shout out to Ray Lewis !!!

For some reason I have very high energy since I was a little kid, and every day I wake up I feel unusually happy. After puberty and the testosterone went through the roof I used to turn on some loud bombastic music and run around the house (after the morning wood got felled)   saying random shit like

  2. MIERCOLES !!!!
  3. YEAH !!!!!!
  4. HEAR COMES THE PAIN (train noises)

and laughing. Sometimes my sister/or my dogs  would join

This drove my family insane. My mother asked me Actually to be honest Its hard for me to meditate in the morning when I wake up and before I go to sleep because I’m so amped!!!  I think having this much energy and wanting to do stuff is a gift and curse because when I am not able to be active and free I kind of shut down a little.

I am gonna take this vacation time and see where best to put my energy, sitting behind a computer analyzing data and writing programs in a  room without a window isn’t me.

Anyways I wanted to give a shout out to Ray Lewis  one of footballs greats. I loved the intensity he played with and his work ethic.  I have a similar work ethic but haven’t found the best place for it yet. He is retiring after this season and will be sorely missed, especially by all those people he tackled.

Ray Lewis

Either way enjoy or join in WOOOOOO !!!!

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