We ought not to die, before we explain ourselves to each other…… A Personal Post

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams wrote these words in letters to each other, after both had retired from public life. Though they worked together to draft the Constitution they were pitted against each other. Actually :

In 1800, Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams’ re-election bid for President of United States. It was the most acrimonious election of the country’s young history, and is considered the starting point of political parties in American politics. This was an unexpected situation given that a few years earlier, Jefferson and Adams had worked well together in the framing of the Constitution and were two people tasked by Congress to write of the Declaration of Independence.

I read this today on this website if you are interested.

Some of you last year said that it would be nice to know more about Dave the dude behind the dude playing Mr Mary. I am by nature a very private person so I am not too keen on this. But then I wrote some personal post and I got a lot of comments and a huge response from you guys. So I figured that maybe I should let you in on what’s going on in my life. Why, well I don’t know why to be honest. Actually some of the best things I’ve ever done in life  had no discernible reason for me to do it. So I guess I will share more stuff about myself this year and some of the crazy bullshit I will try to do this year.

This actions will in no way explain myself, or shed light on who I really am. Being is itself a state that is not fixed in time and yet beyond it at the same time to me at least and for me there isn’t a language to talk about the ontological state that we are but that we cannot directly perceive.

Yeah I do that in regular conversation to,  I tell people what’s really on my mind, like why dear reader is pegging called pegging, why isnt it called an Eleanor Roosevelt ? lol I made myself laugh two points for me 🙂

The Low Down on 2013, main stuff


My lady and I are back together She is doing much better and so am I … that brown suga can’t fuck wid it ! lol  ok Seriously. As you know I am against going to court, it’s a black thing. I also hate legalities, formalities and celebrations/ fanfare. I didn’t go to my college graduations and I only went to my high school graduation because aside from mental anguish I didn’t pay ($) for it. So I dunno how it happened I just know I didnt get myself that XBOX 360 for christmas

2013-01-02 21.28.02


Do to budget cuts for scientific research I think I will be out of a job in 8-10 months.  I am not going down with the ship and am gonna jump and find something else.  I have to put on a suit and be nice and not as abrasive but that’s doable for the right $$$$



I have a novel to finish up a poetry collection to publish and some other writings to get out there.  Lots going on  with that.



I have  dropped 20 lbs in a month. Increase my lean body mass by adding some more muscle. I think if I work hard it will take me a year to hit all my personal records: 500lbs bench press, 550lbs dead-lift and 600lbs squat. right now I am a 1 rpm (315, 405 and 405). Another 2 months I should be at my targeted % body fat and may do an amateur body-building competition just for the fuck of it.



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