Sarcasm, Bitterly Pressed, & Poem from Jimenez


Te deshojo como una rosa
para verte tu alma,
y no la vi.

Mas todo en torno
– horizontes de tierras y de mares –
todo, hasta el infinito,
se colma de una esencia
immensa y viva.

This is one of my favourite poems by Jimenez. I will include the translation from Robert Bly because mine isn’t as good

I took off petal after petal, as if you were a rose, in order to see your soul, and I didn’t see it. However, everything around- horizons of fields and oceans- everything, even what was infinite, was filled with a perfume, immense and living.

It may seem odd in an article about sarcasm to have such a poem from a Nobel Prize winning poet. But there is something very important in this poem that I would like to point out that is sort of central to the way I approach life in a way.

Perhaps this is why I am good at science but, I like to take things apart. I like to strip things down. The few toys I got when I was younger I would always take apart. Immediately to see how they worked. I think the idea of breaking something down to understand the relationships between its constituents is very important. Not just in science but with the world around us. Everything we see I feel is there for a reason. I do not mean fate.

Let me  give you an example. They have been playing Christmas song non-stop. Many of these songs talk about a white Christmas, snowing and something which isn’t as much as a reality to many of us thanks to global warming. Immediately when I heard the song I thought  imagine if there was no long white Christmas  and snow and blistering cold temperatures, would we change the Christmas songs around  to reflect that. I am inclined to say no because for years of association Its grown into a habit to listen to those songs.The songs are part of the marketing gimmick also to get us to open our wallets and spend. Case and point, many things we are do as a society ar not based in reality. Reality is not our friend.

So thinking about this and stripping away suppositions, and ideologies and behaviour patterns is in many ways like taking off petal after petal of a rose.  As some point whether you have come to a conclusion or not you are saturated with an experience of modern day human behaviour. The critical denuding and stripping away, the deconstruction is really a set up for an experience of reality that we normally shelter ourselves from.


Sarcasm  means literally (if you look at the Greek root word, the tearing of flesh name similar words like caustic, or sarcoplasmic.. But sarcasm initially before stand up comedy became big , back in the day was a way to shock people into thinking about something they had preconceived notions about.

Diogenes used to walk around at noon time with a candle saying he was looking for a real man. This was very sarcastic and most people took it as a rebuke, inside of joining him in the p[philosophical inquiry. What is a real man, What is man ? What do I define as realness, is that ‘realness ‘ perceptible by the 5 sense, what are the means through which I can have an experience of realness not only in my out personal life but in social and communal life.

I write the bitterly press in this fashion.

I take my thoughts my reflection and my analysis of things and share it with you in a very sarcastic and bitter way.  Some people are offended like when I wrote my last bitterly pressed this about marriage. First couple of bitterly pressed post, I decided to make fun of the WordPress platform then I moved on to make fun  about chicks passed out behind dumpsters and many other things.  No matter how dirty or disgusting or sarcastic sometimes I write on here is, it always never about that thing in and of itself.

I even worked that into a fake bullshit intro I made for my YouTube videos. Check it out:

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