BlogFestivus Parts 8 & 9: The End: There is no coming to consciousness without pain.




tumblr_lvh65alXGu1qg38dno1_400I will say my peace and leave you to decide whether or not you want to be real reindeer.

We have all lived many lives because we each represent a  human experience. Long before I was Negro Pete I was a crow. i represented mischief, vision and memory because only one who knows and has sight can be a peace with taking liberties.

You could pay me enough to wear that again , well on second thoughts for the right price yea, email me to inquire 😉

That’s why even though I’m centuries old I’ve  memories of hitting puberty in the 80 without the proper  lower body apparel. Most other times in the history  men dressing like my memories say I did would be criminal but  Wham was in style so it’s was ok.

Human beings are slowly loosing their connection to us. They don’t understand  what i we really are so they turn us into cartoons to put on the sides of trucks and drinks.

They live with all the answers  right under their noses and continue to ask for things that don’t help like the guy who asked Santa for salad dressing when he should’ve asked for a couple’s therapist or   a cash advance on the latest  Sybian for his wife….


Here’s what’s real: Santa however depicted represents paternal benevolence. I’m his helper,  i.e memory, knowledge and vision.  You nine reindeer are the means through which he can enter into and change people’s lives

Donder and Blitzen (thunder and lighting) together with Cupid represent the catalysing power for sudden change that love can have.  Vixen, Comet, Dancer, Prancer, Dasher  are various manifestations of the graceful, svelte and  nimble movements needed to traverse the ever changing terrain of human existence . Rudolph will always represent the irony of our needs being external to us.

LesbosLadiesAN_468x309I could sit here and tell you all life’s major secrets like there is no such thing as amateur porn  or that you pay extra for oral and not anal on the Island of Lesbos in Greece. Yeah I know!!! or that finally you cannot get tetanus from playing a rusty trombone at most tennis elbow but they’re pills for that.

What good would all that be if you didn’t experience it  yourself. Once I took a steamer to Cleveland and it was quite enjoyable. I don’t know what all the hype was about.

We’re not as influential as we once were but humanity cannot run from the truth forever.

So for now let’s leave the major mysteries of life alone, let the lesbos of Lesbos figure out why they irrationally hate it Greek style, the yogurt of course, or why when they cant see the asshole in front of them, they become bad drivers … in foggy weather.

Ask yourself what do you want from life, and will being a real reindeer satisfy you.







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  1. I liked this. Rich, but also funny. For some reason, I especially liked the guy asking for salad dressing. (I also thought the pictures were hilarious — especially the one of the refrigerator.)


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