Something that made me laugh today, some light humor. Don’t Be that Girl

Screenshot - 12182012 - 10:06:37 PM

From Urban Dictionary

SWOLE: Extremely muscular or buff. The state of being very muscular and/or buff and in good shape.

Turns out there is a whole new lingo from my under grad days in the gym. As someone thta likes how language is used I thought I would share




    • ahhh You’re lovely, every week you prove it again and again, sigh…

      Unfortunately I have grotesque legs,

      but anyways, concerning pimpage, The question remains what benefit did you get from it, was it bragging rights as these bitches didn’t got what you got and in your infinite generosity you allows them a taste albeit a small taste of what a real man looks and feels like or did you get money for it, or baked good or anything thing material ? Once you answer that then I will be able to decree if you are in fact ur husbands pimp.

      In another life I’d consent for you to be my pimp but thats a story for another day


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