Can Anyone Recommend me Places to Visit & See in Los Angeles

La to NYC

Hello Everyone,

I will be in Los Angeles in a few weeks for a little bit of time. I have been here before but never did much site seeing.  (Long story short I met a girl, fell hard for her, flew from NYC to LA to spend time with her etc unfortunately flew into a storm and had the 2nd worse sickle  cell crisis in my life, passed out  in pain and thought I was gonna die. MrMary was crazy in his youth)

So anyways, I will be there again and wanted to know if any of you can make recommendation of things to do and places to go and see ? I’m not going to buy a guide book or do any of that bullshit. I figure I would ask you all who have maybe passed through or  been there for some ideas. I will be going to Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles because I am black so I already got the African American section of my trip planned.

Thanks in Advance



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