BlogFestivus 2012 Day 6: The end part 1



Magic allows reindeer to fly, inspires men to journey in search of the G-spot  when nothing is on TV, and finally keeps troubled stars like Lindsay Lohan employed (aside from her lack of gag-reflexes).


Before I said this was where imaginary beings (like the clitorus) come to die, it’s also where they’re born. This is the imaginal-realm – the nexus between  the sensory and the intelligible world, the realm of dreams and symbols. We are all ancient living symbols, Santa, me,  the shop elves, you!

Odin or Wotan or Woden, Wodanstag, Woden’s Day =>Wednesday

Before reindeer ‘Santa’ rode a white horse, had another name and was a king wandering the earth disguised as an old man. Wednesday is named after him.

As long as humanity exists so will we but tomorrow you’ll have the chance to become a real reindeer.


I tried the real-world once. I was an African-american for two-weeks and returned before my trial period  finished.

One day, running from the cops, I decided to use the “Ask God 5 questions free of charge” trial option :


God why are my legs so skinny?

So you can run fast through the jungle

Why am I  so black?

So when you run at night no one would see you

Why’s my nose so wide?

So you can breathe deep this fresh jungle air.

Why’s my hair so nappy ?

So it wouldn’t get tangled-up in the jungle branches

God wtf am I doing In Detroit ?

Stayed tuned for more tomorrow

BlogFestivus was created by the awesome lady in Sunglases at Blogdramedy. Check her out

Check out  Ms. UC Sexy at So I Went Undercover – she’s sexy and a great blogger. If you dislike what I write, direct your hate mail to her because it’s through her blog I learned about BlogFestivus 2012. Here are my other Bloggers who are down this blogFestivus thing and also down with the same sickness I got: awesomeness :-)

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  1. Just FYI, neither the G-spot nor the clitoris is fictitious. And not only can you make a woman achieve an orgasm by either method, you can make a woman achieve an orgasm by both AND you can make those simultaneous or separate. This public service brought to you by me (with a nod to my husband). 😉


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