BlogFestivus 2012 Day 6: A Greasy Box


For those time when you need a little Negro in you 😉

 I’ll ask you only one question: given the fact that Santa can make reindeer fly, visit billions of homes in a night, did he really need  a red-nose reindeer to guide his sleigh in a storm? I pass it now to Rudolph.

184439_10151140146442027_1555080551_nEverything changed for me one day in my teens . It was late night, and many male reindeer were herded together  in  the barn. There was the general small talk until this buck said: “What’s the smartest organ in a doe’s body?” Everyone stared blankly until he shouted out with glee, “A Buck’s Penis”. Everyone laugh except me. I felt confused. Another buck followed up and said: “How is a lady reindeer, like the box of chicken that humans eat: Once you’re finished with the breasts and the thighs, all you have is a greasy box to put your bone in.”

I walked away.

I always felt I was different, not just sexually, but  in terms of how I see things. I knew before anyone that Santa was not a real saint. He was trapsing through Europe before Christianity got here. I want to tell you my story, so that Negro Pete could then tell you the real story about why we do what we do during Christmas.

You’re about to hear about , why Santa really needed me on that slay and  about the first Christmas and how we all got involved.

Stayed tuned for more tomorrow

BlogFestivus was created by the awesome lady in Sunglases at Blogdramedy. Check her out

Check out  Ms. UC Sexy at So I Went Undercover – she’s sexy and a great blogger. If you dislike what I write, direct your hate mail to her because it’s through her blog I learned about BlogFestivus 2012. Here are my other Bloggers who are down this blogFestivus thing and also down with the same sickness I got: awesomeness :-)




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