BlogFestivus 2012 Day 5: Saving Kids with Kool-Aid & Unfulfilment



This  far up north, there is a silence that encapsulates every thought, and a stillness that shades the possibility of solace from human eyes.

Today may be our hardest day; we have to come to terms with unfulfillment. Today we have to look at all we wanted to do and become and accept that that time has passed.

tumblr_lvh65alXGu1qg38dno1_400I’ll start. Five years ago I  adopted  a blonde-haired blue-eyed orphan from Lapland. He teenage parents met at a lap-dance . I used magic to convince everyone that I was Don Cheadle. We lived in the USA. I named my son Tyrone, & taught him about Purple Kool-Aid, cocoa butter, and cooling soup. Living pay-check to pay-check, we got to experience the best life had to offer. I mounted a campaign to let people know about poverty, but no one wanted to believe that without me Tyrone would have descended into a life of crime, drug use and promiscuous salad tossing.

commercialI’ll leave it there. I’ve come to accept that charitable acts are about having a big emotional experience that validates privilege and not really helping for the sake of shared humanity.

My two favourite sisters Donner, Blitzen any thoughts ?

Well I can’t speak for Donner, but we were thrown into Christmas service very young. I wanted so much to travel on my own terms I wanted to live my own life, be a mom, growing old and then going off to that big barn in the sky

Stayed tuned for more tomorrow

BlogFestivus was created by the awesome lady in Sunglases at Blogdramedy. Check her out

Check out  Ms. UC Sexy at So I Went Undercover – she’s sexy and a great blogger. If you dislike what I write, direct your hate mail to her because it’s through her blog I learned about BlogFestivus 2012. Here are my other Bloggers who are down this blogFestivus thing and also down with the same sickness I got: awesomeness :-)



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