BlogFestivus 2012 Day 4: Lapland & The beginning of the End

Back for more? It’s ok I still got that suga you came here for, that suga you need, but only a spoonful at a time ‘cuz a mouthful would just be wrong

Day 4


Things are going better than expected so I’m taking you on a trip. Cupid and Comet this is special because we’re going to Lapland your ancestral home and also the nexus between the world of magic and of science.

Focus on the screen behind me:

The Saami People

The Sami people have lived in Lapland since 10,000 BCE and were the originators of the Lap Dance. Though in our modern time the lap dance has become some thing a bit different

Modern day Lap Dance

Note the use of red, and the wooden pole which has been replaced by a more modern  metallic greased pole that smells of ass and desperation

Traditional Lap Dance


According to movies and people who are into Negros being in them, Negros exist in part to help ladies get their groove back.

dat brown Suga can't fuck wit it
dat brown Suga, can’t fuck wit it
Tons of Other Dude-Reindeer

I’m taking you to the Saami people who have an intimate understanding of  Reindeer, not in way Greek shepherds did when they gave civilization syphilis. You’ll meet many reindeers both magical and non.

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

You’ll need to visit your collective past to complete this course. According to these  records Comet’s and Cupid’s original Finnish names were Kaari and Kaisa both of which mean pure.

it’s gettign late. Let’s get ready to move out in the morning.

Hyvää yötä !!!

Stayed tuned for more tomorrow

BlogFestivus was created by the awesome lady in Sunglases at Blogdramedy. Check her out

Check out  Ms. UC Sexy at So I Went Undercover – she’s sexy and a great blogger. If you dislike what I write, direct your hate mail to her because it’s through her blog I learned about BlogFestivus 2012. Here are my other Bloggers who are down this blogFestivus thing and also down with the same sickness I got: awesomeness :-)



10 thoughts on “BlogFestivus 2012 Day 4: Lapland & The beginning of the End

  1. Oh my ….. I really DID “laugh out loud” again … and IMMEDIATELY had to shut my laptop (doh! how unfortunate!) computer before my son could see your post. Syphilitic shepherds … poles smelling of ass and desperation … and I will never, ever hear the name of the country “Lapland” the same way again. Thanks for the much-needed laugh!


      1. Unfortunately, that other half was laid to rest in a shallow grave about 4 years ago. I suppose it’s time to head to Home Depot, ’cause I can do it and they can help. LOL


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