BlogFestivus 2012 Day 1: Sexual Tourism & Male Stripper Names

I am having a lot of fun with this. The Facts presented here on sexual tourism came out this week. I am writing a separate post on that. I didn’t make this stuff up. Don’t worry this post isn’t serious at all, I still got that suga you came here for, that suga you need.

Day 2



[Prancer] I don’t get it, Negro Pete they see leather harnesses, us breathing hard and granted our faces are close enough to each other’s part to get tickled by those warm blasts of air, still, why do human beings project their own unfulfilled sexual desire on us.

Dasher, human beings aren’t honest.  I am because like you I’ve been exposed to that magical angel dust Santa peddles.

Let me give you an example. 80,000 females/year, from wealthy Western nations go to Jamaica to get packed like Santa’s sack of gifts. What does that mean? Dancer !!!  pay attention !!! ….

tumblr_lvh65alXGu1qg38dno1_400Many women are ignored by men in their country because their overweight or middle aged, and can’t date blacks openly. So they go get stuffed secretly; then hold on tighter to their handbags when I step into a room to hide the truth. If they were honest they’d just go to Harlem.  Taking it deep doesn’t have to be expensive.

Humans cannot handle creating their own reality and accepting the consequences as their own doing. That’s why we exist ladies, to be crutches  because long ago humanity convinced themselves they’re too cripple to walk unassisted.

Consequently you’re all named after the TeaBag Tuesday Night dancers at RawHide – a gay bar in the Village.. it’s dark, dirty and the go-go dancers  go the extra mile…

I created a new exercise to help you. Dancer and Prancer come  read what I wrote next to your names.

Stayed tuned for more tomorrow

BlogFestivus was created by the awesome lady in Sunglases at Blogdramedy. Check her out

Check out  Ms. UC Sexy at So I Went Undercover – she’s sexy and a great blogger. If you dislike what I write, direct your hate mail to her because it’s through her blog I learned about BlogFestivus 2012. Here are my other Bloggers who are down this blogFestivus thing and also down with the same sickness I got: awesomeness 🙂


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