MrMary PumpsIron Update: Intermittent Fasting & HIT 2 weeks +

I thought I would hit you guys up with a quick update on my intermittent fasting and HIT working out that I have been doing for the last 2 week and change. First the scale:

2012-12-07 12.23.40

That’s sorta good news I am at 238 down from 250. I have been able to continue lifting heavy and reaching all my target macro nutrient amounts. The only place I suck at is sleep. I get 5-6 hours a sleep a day which is great up from 4 hours. But its hard for me always to sleepmore than 6 hours. Also sometimes I pop up after four and have to force myself to get back to sleep. See If I had a lady to tire msyelf out with when I  . I am sorry for that comment I am in a silly mood.

Anyway The proof is in the pudding I suppose (unintended double entendre)  But I am starting to see the outline of my abs, the serratus also is coming in. I see separation of the delts, I took a pic but there was really bad lighting and my hands were shaky. But So far so good. I have a few things I need to tweak but there will be time for that. Jan 8th is when I will stop cutting as I am going on vacation. Either way, I must say thanks for all the support and positive vibes 🙂

2012-12-09 14.06.10




4 thoughts on “MrMary PumpsIron Update: Intermittent Fasting & HIT 2 weeks +

  1. I did that intermittent fasting thing one time, cause I wanted to tone my body a bit. Then I found out that I love food too much, haha.

    Ever heard of the warriors diet? It’s basically the same thing, you fast 20 hours a day, but eat all night – like a viking, haha – for four hours.

    What really helps me to stay in shape, though, is workout every day at home (don’t have time to go to fitness), you know, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and stay away from any sort of cola, chocolate and potato chips.


    1. Hola Daan,

      I heard of the warriors diet. It is very similar to the intermittent fasting leangains program. I love that analogy eat like a viking LOL thats the best analogy I heard today lol. You can do great things working out at home, I dont think many people realize that, when you throw in eating right you can make great gains !


  2. He dude, you’re doin’ the workin’ I guess, for sure! Keep at it man! With that HIT training, how are you applying that aspect in your workouts? I would suggest you use full body workouts like in circuit training, but mix it in with HIT. Man…I believe you’ll GET RIPPED OUTTA YO MIND! But whatever man, keep going..!


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