A Video Message from MrMary


It was late at night and I was feeling antsy. I started pacing around this mental cul-de-sac of a home where I reside. I needed something to do.  One the way from home the train was delayed and I couldn’t make it to the gym in time before it closed? If I am not occupied at times I get very anxious and frustrated. So I did what any 31 guy would do in my situation. No I didnt indulge into a passionate moment of self-pollution I decided to play around with my phone (That’s not what they are calling it nowadays) and made a video and posted it to my YouTube channel. I did a sudden, improvised set-up so things are a bit shoddy. The lighting isn’t great the camera is off to the side and not aligned. In other words shit is all kinds a fucked up.  Nevertheless it was kind of fun. BTW -I showed this video to my punk-ass sister and she said I need to work on the camera and centering it because it looks like I have a  lazy fucking eye. Just wanna say for the record that I do NOT have a lazy fucking eye. I also noticed that I used the work voice a bit on the video which is kinda weird. Anyway, let me know if you’d like me to continue vlogging and what kind of shit should I vlog about. Maybe I can answer some questions  from you the readers. You’re all smart, think some shit up.


  1. Hi Dave,
    A cool video indeed. I’m glad you’ve come up with this new feature on your blog. We get to see that you don’t just write excellently, you talk pretty smart too.
    And the chest movement, ha ha! MrMary, how endearing.
    Don’t hesitate to vlog anytime you feel like it. We’ll be here to watch and listen. I ain’t that savvy to swiftly think up of an engrossing topic. Give me time. Meanwhile, feel free to articulate on whatever tickles your fancy.


  2. I LOVE it. So cool to see and hear you! And the chest movement – be still my heart! Hahaha. I don’t think you look like you have lazy eye. You have a nice voice. It would be interesting to see and hear you deliver some of your “news” stories.


  3. I like it, professor Dave! I like the pectoral flexing. Maybe I will do that, too. Just kidding. I am jealous of your vlog. I can’t vlog and show my face because then I am not undercover anymore. But I wanna join the fun. You’ve inspired me! 🙂 And, yes, my finger actually are magic. My mom told me that a long time ago when I was giving her a neck massage. 😉


    • Hey Ms Undercover,

      Have you ever thought to do a podcast ? its just your voice? Maybe You can provide audio and I can put it up for you as a collaboration, or I read something of yours that you wrote that you want me to put on video. Think about it and let’s run with sometimes, I got some fly Nike’s

      Man I could use a massage my lower traps and rhomboids are unusually tight for some reason. I am guessing that I slept in some weird position.


      • I wake up every day with a pain in my neck, and I am not meaning my family. LOL. I hate my voice. Can’t do a podcast. I’ll try a vlog (without showing anything identifiably mine) this week at some point. Did you send me that info about the collaboration?


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