Calling This Dude out for 9 Kids by 6 Different Kids

Judge orders deadbeat dad to stop having kids until he pays support


Corey Curtis really likes having kids. He’s quite good at it, actually. Taking care of them? Not so much. The prolific Wisconsin man has fathered nine children with six different women,  but he’s been much less eager when it comes to other parental obligations — such as supporting them. Curtis has a history of failing pay child support, so one fed-up judge neutered the deadbeat dad. As a condition of his probation (for jumping bail and failing to pay child support), Judge Tim Boyle banned Curtis from having more children until he pays the $90,000 in back child support he owes.

Best Comment So Far

The mothers are on welfare. Castrate this idiot.

This is some awful shit. What do you think  should be the answer to this kind of problem. Before we talked about drug addict sterilization (hereand here ) but this is a bit different. What do you and especially Ms. Sexy Blogger  think about this? Lemme know

Personally, as always there are a few deadbeat dads that fuck it up for the rest of us. Personally I am not a judge or jury, but I think they should garnish his checks. If he doesn’t comply and stop having kids they should seize all his assets block all credit cards i.e fuck up his shit so he has to pay. I dunno it’s all kinds of fucked up Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Calling This Dude out for 9 Kids by 6 Different Kids

  1. I thought the gov’t allready did this,,,maybe it’s just Canada. But you don’t pay,,you go no where. And up here if the guy decides to not work and is living with a woman that makes more money then him,,,,yep they garnish her wages (could just be in my province tho) . 🙂


  2. Wow. On the one hand you have a guy who clearly can’t commit to anything and shouldn’t be raising kids, and on the other a bunch if idiot babymamas. I don’t even know what to say except ‘women beware’ because this dildo is not going to be a good sugar daddy. I am never one to blame or point the fingers but the ladies have to take the blame here. Guys will be guys and these women are total morons… Especially the ones who’ve been done more than once.


    1. I was just blown away by the 9 kids thing. I remember the first time I heard you’re gonna be a pops I was excited but then worried like: “How am I gonna feed and give this lil mofo the best ” It was exciting and scary now to just not care kills me and then like 9 fucking times. Some one needs to kick his ass


      1. Exactly why my baby factory shut down at 4 biological kids. Yeah, making them is fun, pregnancy has its perks, labor and delivery is sure a boost for the self-esteem, but then there’s the next 18 years. It’s almost like a prison sentence, without all the raping and shivving.


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