Listen of Songs Elderly Women Shouldn’t Dance to in the Gym

From the Window to the Wall till the sweat drops down my ..... skeet skeet skeet !!!!!
From the Window to the Wall till the sweat drops down my ….. skeet skeet skeet !!!!! (Click it you know u want to listen to Lil John and those futha muckin East Side Boys)

I was in the gym doing some light cardio getting my mind focused before I did my chest exercises for the day. While I am  killing myself on the elliptical I hear “Push it, Push it Harder, cmon now Harder!!!! Yeah that’s it. I thought to myself: “Have I not had it in so long that Im hearing perverted shit now instead of saying it.”

Turns out there was a zumba type of dance exercise class in the gym. The Instructor some blonde lady in her early 40’s  had a microphone  attached to the side of her head. There were a mix of people in the class.  it was mostly women, but from my vantage point I saw mostly old women. You know those grey haired all women named Birdie, Pearl, or Dolores, who save up dollar bills for birthday cards and love to wrap sweets up hermetically in white napkins, yeah those kind of old women.

First off I love old people and never really got to know my grandparents as I wish I could. Its my love of them that forces me to write this post. Imagine if you saw your grandma trying to spastically dance to this song:

It was just a bad image to hear the hook over and over again: How you like it Daddy, over and over again from the song , and from time to time the instructor yelling to her class : Keep it up, cmon, Hold it!!! Push it harder Yeah that’s it !!!

I shook my fucking head and went straight to the weight section and pumped some iron. But please everyone pass this around, maybe it will get to an instructor who because of your effort wont play the following three songs  which in addition to the first, I have had to see old fucking Birdie and Pearl dance along to like they suffer from a combo of  bad neuro- muscular coordination and constipation. It’s all fun and games till you see your grandma twerking it on the gym



    • yeah I can see that its kind of funny and weird at the same time ya know what I mean ? I have wondered about teh still having it thing, like when I am old would I want to relive the great happy moments of my youth ? And would I want everyone to tell me how nice I have aged and how awesome I look when its all sorta bullshit sometimes


      • I have relatives that live to 100 and they all have one thing in common…they never feel old….they say age is just a number. They always think they still have it!


    • I loved the article it is line with my thinking on the importance of attentiveness and leaving ones ego at the door sometimes. I love OutKast too and wish they would put something out together again. The article got me thinking about some stuff I’d like to write about but it would be a sensitive thing to write on ya know.

      Im glad you liked it and thanks for your comment they are all appreciated


      • I am addicted to comments. Sorry. O_o I wrote about OutKast in my post today. I have them on my mp3 player. Sometimes it gets a bit iffy when my 5 year old asks me what it means when Andre 3000 says “Don’t wanna meet your daddy, just want you to be my caddy.” But, hey, I am a cool mom. I can break it down into 5 year-old speak. I did it when I had to translate “Let’s Do It Tonight” by PItbull et al for my 11 year old. Now it’s my ringtone on his phone. Awkward for all of us.


      • You’re a cool mom. It’s much better then the awkward silence and not mentioning anything. I remember my birds and bees speech! My father is a medical doctor and he explained anatomically and physiologically all that happens during puberty in both men and female and that was it. No Real questions so lyrics so props to you for being so cool. Would you wanna tag team and write something based on the article and the topic. I don’t have any ideas I’m just throwing it out there. In the meanwhile stay so fresh and so clean 🙂


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