Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Lady gropes self, others, licks people, hits on female cop, police say

1B5E802290DB94736AA3F61B9759AE_h231_w308_m5_cOoeisHMPThere’s drunk, there’s really drunk and then there’s Jana Annette Lawrence. According to police, the 46-year-old got herself kicked out of two — TWO! — Georgia bars on Saturday night, after mourning (or celebrating?) the Georgia BulldogsSEC Championship loss by “rubbing her genital area,” flashing her boobs to the bar and licking at least two strangers, tongue bathing one woman’s face and a man’s tattoo. At the second bar, when the management told her to pull her pants up, she did exactly the opposite. And, as a final cherry on this hot mess sundae, when Lawrence was being booked into jail she asked the female officer if she “had or wanted a girlfriend.” That’s quite the evening. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

The best comment I read about this so far:

Boy! I hardly recognized Lindsey Lohan without her make up!


I always thought it was a myth that when women get drunk that the line between right and wrong suddenly becomes obscure and it’s ok to ask for sexually non conservative kind of things. I guess it’s not a myth afterall.  I am not one to talk I got really drunk and peed on City Hall, yes I literally peed on NYC’s own City Hall, actually I wasn’t drunk, just a bit silly. I got drunk and flashed people chased pizza delivery boys, trying to steal their pizzas, started a fight with a Mormon Couple. I proposed to a  lady with a coconut ring, ah to be young and bit off !!! Yes Daddy used to get a little wild and out of hand back in the day.

But all that was done not in a single night but over years, across the country, in different cities. I never licked anyone who didnt solicit me in some way to do so or tried to flirt with a cop. Flirting with a  cop for me is having  death Wish.


The Police scar the shit out of me literally.

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — With 13 Cleveland police officers firing 137 rounds and killing two people following a chase Thursday night, city leaders are seeking answers and could ask for a civil rights investigation.Investigators reported through the day Friday that they believed there were two men inside the car, a possible misinterpretation because of how badly the bodies were damaged from all the rounds fired.


It’s long been a stereotype that women can’t hold their booze, but some years ago scientists actually proved it. Women get drunk faster than men, even a woman who weighs the same as a man. scientists from New York and Italy published a study showing that women have a lot less of a stomach enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase. The enzyme is created in the stomach lining, and in men it breaks down alcohol before it can even get into the intestine. In women, however, there’s far less activity, meaning they absorb 30 percent more alcohol into their bodies than men.

So you can expect to see more of this behaviour. I believe alcohol may be behind a lot of the crazy behaviour we have seen lately from women: biting off nuts, and beating up significant others who finish to fast in bed. Good luck !!!!



  1. Some gurl actually bite off a guys nuts,,that’s just gross. We were talking about a girl getting mad at a guy and gripping his balls so tight that she popped them today in class, and all we could think about was the free skin flapping in the breeze,,lol. Yes, that’s what we talk about in Dental Assisting Class.


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